El Chronicle Debut Teaser and New Website Launch

elchronicle main

Cravemob's El Chronicle is a fully-voiced story-driven mobile RPG with over a hundred cinematic scenes and non-targeting combat. The game offers five unique playable characters and you can see each one of them in action on the official site linked below. El Chronicle is scheduled to come out in South Korea next month. Just a quickie post for those interested in Anime or JRPG inspired games.

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Overhit Opening Two Days Ahead of Schedule

overhit early launch

Nexon and NAT Games decided to pre-open their Unreal Engine 4 Overhit mobile game two days ahead of time and will be playable at the stroke of midnight on the 26th followed by the Grand Opening on the 28th. Although they're two different genres, they're probably trying to avoid the release date of Tera M which was also on the 28th. Gotta reel in those new users first and perhaps make them spend some monies in the shop~! I hope it actually works on PC this time around.

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Forever 7th Capital Game Features Trailer

f7newpv main

Netease is going all out on Forever 7th Capital by releasing more fancy trailers right before the game goes live in the App Store this week. The Anime fantasy dungeon crawling RPG features popular voice actors and actresses from Japan, music from Kenji Kawai, high-quality CG, rich Anime style graphics, and more. I do recommend trying the game out even if you can't read Chinese like me. Just press random stuff and win!

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Global Version of Onmyoji Delayed Until Next Year

onmyoji jp release

The official Onmyoji Facebook page recently announced that they're going to be releasing the Global English Version of Onmyoji in 2018 Q1 which roughly translates within January through March. The PC version of Onmyoji will be available in STEAM and Facebook Gameroom. Users will be able to cross-platform and share their data across all platforms which includes their mobile device. Meaning you can play on your mobile and continue your progress on PC.

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Royal Blood Gets A New Teaser Page

royal blood

Gamevil just launched the Korean teaser page for their upcoming mobile MMORPG Royal Blood. During the next few weeks, they're planning on releasing new game information, introduction videos, artwork, teaser trailers, and more. Royal Blood is Gamevil's next big title and their aiming for the global market. I did test this game out, so you can check that out real quick below. Oh, make sure to turn down your volume if you decided to visit the teaser page or RIP ears.

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