Moonlight Blade to Receive Adolescent Customization for Females


Nexon Korea has requested the developers of Moonlight Blade for extra customization features for female characters so that they can create cute young adolescent looking avatars. You can check out the early development of the character below. The trailer is cute, I actually didn't see this coming given the Chinese version of Moonlight Blade Online had specific standards on character customization features. I wouldn't mind playing a small chibi character, PvP advantage hype?! The Korean version of Moonlight Blade is slated to be released next year.

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Peria Chronicles - Getting to Know the Combat System in Detail


My Korean friend from WorldWideGameWatcher's just wrote an article explaining the current combat system for Peria Chronicles Online. You can find a sample text of the combat system below, but you'll have to read the rest of it at my friends page! On another note, a lot of Peria Chronicles fans recently voiced their concerns about the FPS drops and random hiccups in recent videos. The developers did mention that they wanted to rush a demo for G-Star 2016 and didn't have time to fully optimize the client. 

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Tree of Savior Mobile Remake G-Star 2016 Demo


Here are a couple of new Tree of Savior Mobile Remake Alpha gameplay videos courtesy of Inven and Thisisgame. The mobile version is supposed to be a casual friendly version of the original one and it looks like the game features an auto-play system. If you check out the Inven gameplay video below, the game seems to run close to 60FPS! I'll probably end up trying the mobile version when it comes out since I'm missing the game. Auto-play is definitely going to become handy with my busy schedule.

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Project Meta Unreal Engine 4 MORPG Short Teaser


Nexon's in-house team is currently developing a new Unreal Engine 4 Action MORPG Project Meta. The teaser trailer is fairly short and doesn't show much other than having a somewhat dark and gloomy theme to it. I noticed a job recruitment thread for the game the other day, seems like they're looking for more members for this early and new project. I'll keep you guys posted if anything new pops up during G-STAR 2016!

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Hyper Universe Gets a Revamped Website and New Trailer


Nexon Korea and Cwavesoft's Side-scrolling AOS/MOBA Hyper Universe just received a new website layout today. A brand new gameplay trailer was also released in preparation for the upcoming Open Beta that kicks off next week along with Pre-OBT that is to start as early as tomorrow. Although the game is in Korean, you will be able to auto Google translate most of the character skills and purchasable items on the new website, which helps a lot if you're planning on trying the game out, see sample images below.

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