Closers Online Wolfgang Schneider is Now Playable New Trailer

closers wolf gang

Naddic Games and Nexon Korea just released Wolfgang Schneider a new playable male wizard character in the Anime Action MMORPG Closers Online. Taking a closer look at the latest gameplay trailer shown below, it looks like he is going to be spending a lot of time in the air attacking with spells and skills. The game has a lot of events going on including summer bonuses which might be nice for those looking to return to the game.

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Black Desert Online Mystic Teaser Trailer

mystic main

The Mystic teaser trailer was just released for the Korean version of Black Desert Online. This is just a teaser trailer and I believe that there will probably be another trailer showing off her gameplay next week when she officially becomes available. For the time being, players are able to login to create and customize their Mystic characters early. Just a mini post update, you can check out the teaser below.

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Anime Action MMORPG SoulWorker Online has Mobile Version


A friend of mine tipped me earlier about an upcoming beta for the mobile version of SoulWorker Online! I didn't even realize that they had a mobile version of this game around, lol. Anyhow, I just installed the game today and there was a notification about the servers going up later next week on July 21st. I'll probably end up posting a gameplay video or two once the beta starts. For the time being, you can check out the intro and login screen below!

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Serencia Saga: Dragon Nest A New 3D Action RPG from Gumi

dragon nest mobile 2018

Gumi just launched the Pre-Registration page for Serencia Saga: Dragon Nest, a new 3D Action RPG for your mobile device. Players will be able to activate skills and perform various combos using a mixture of Normal Attack, Special Attack, and the Dodge button. The boss battles will also be different in this version as they will have more than one hit box with breakable parts and weak spots.

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Antique Carnevale Strategic Board RPG Released for PC

antique main

Square Enix's new strategic board RPG Antique Carnvale just launched on Yahoo Game Plus and can be played on your PC. I'm actually trying the game out right now while writing this article and the gameplay is somewhat like chess. You move one piece at a time and once you're in range, you can attack the other player's piece. Once you've selected your target, a mini RPG battle will commence where you can select specific actions on the enemy such as normal attacks, magic, or activate skills.

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