Gun World the Anime Version of PUBG and Overwatch

gun world main

Everything is always better in the Anime world, right?! Here is another new PC FPS game that I will introduce to you guys called Gun World. Maybe I don't watch enough Anime, but the only character that I can recognize from the list is Mumei. Wait a minute... what is she doing here?! Anything goes in China! The client size is 2gigs for those adventurous enough to try out this random Anime game. As for me, maybe another day.

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Freezing Extension a Game Based on the Manga and Anime

freezing game

Following random things Anime related, I want to share and post a new upcoming Korean mobile game called Freezing Extension based on the Manga or Anime! They had a CBT for this game a few months ago, so you can probably find random gameplay videos on it. Something for you guys to keep an eye on for those that enjoy games with a big 'plot' or fanservice, the SD chibi characters look kawaii though.

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KOG Games Elsword M and GrandChase for Kakao

kog other titles

Take a quick look at Elsword M and GrandChase for Kakao from KOG Games that was presented during the G-Star 2017 event last weekend. Some of you guys may have already tried these titles out since they had Closed Betas earlier this year. Which one do I prefer out of the two? Hmm, I'm liking the cutesy looking style that GrandChase for Kakao has to offer better~!

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Destiny Child Launches This Friday in Japan

des cha japan

The Japanese version of Destiny Child a Full Live2D Anime Narrative waifu and husbendo collecting game is going live starting on November 24th this Friday in Japan! They're only targeting the smartphone version and the PC version hosted by DMM will be available at a later date. You might as well get a headstart by playing it on a mobile device and transfer your account to the PC version later on or just emu it up, lol. Not confirmed if you can transfer so play early at own risk!

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KurtzPel Game Features Short Teaser and Karma System

kurtz new trailer 2

KOG release the final teaser trailer for KurtzPel today revealing some of the features for the upcoming PvP-based action game for PC. Just a quick recap of the Karma System. Players can farm various Karmas (Job Classes), Karma Shards (Skills), weapons and costumes through their relationship with NPCs and PvE story. Think of these Karma as like the "Souls" of characters from previous KOG Games, thus recycled skill animations.

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