Dragon Quest Rivals 7 Million Downloads Free 35+ Booster Packs

dragon quest rivals

Now that the Dragon Quest Rivals servers are a bit more stable, it should be the perfect time for you to start the game for the limited time 35+ free booster packs and 2 extra guaranteed legendary boosters. You can pretty much start the game with over six legendary cards which is enough to make a couple decks for various characters.

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Lineage II M is Now a Full 3D MMORPG and It Looks Crazy


NCSoft shocked Lineage fans today with their new Full 3D MMORPG Lineage II M debut. At first, I thought this was just gonna be another isometric or top-down view game, but it isn't! You can actually check out a short demo of the game below recorded by THISISGAME Korean game news. Here I am wondering why this isn't a PC game, it looks amazing, lol. They're hoping to launch the game next year.

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Blade & Soul II Short Teaser Revealed at NCSoft Press Conference


NCSoft just released a short teaser trailer for Blade & Soul 2 Online and you can watch it below courtesy of THISISGAME Korean game news. Some of you may remember that I wrote about the Blade & Soul II for Mobile earlier in August and it seems that NCSoft has finally confirmed it by publicly announcing the title during the press conference. The development of the game is nearly completed so expect some more info soon. B&S2 should be available in 2018 as the trailer teases!

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LINE PANGYA New Teaser Trailer English UI Spotted

 pangya mobile

Pangya was one of my favorite games while I was growing up and it's nice to see that the mobile version of the game is still being worked on! Below you will find a new trailer of LINE Pangya the official mobile version of the game that may come out for SEA users first. While the Pre-Registration page is in Thai, it's possible that the game might have an English option as you can see English UI around 1:22 in the 2nd video below.

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Aion Tempest Take a Look at the New Mobile MMORPG Version

aion tempest

Aion Tempest is another one of NCSoft's upcoming game that was presented at the Press Conference earlier today. It's a new prequel Mobile MMORPG that takes place 900 years before the latest Asmodian and Elyos war. The game will feature real-time large scale battles, exciting combat, cinematic gameplay, and more. I might try it out just to relive that old school Aion memories.

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