Destiny Child Ragna:Break Season 1 Live2D CCG

destiny child

Although I'm not playing this game as much as before, I still check-in for the reward in Destiny Child. There is a new raid going on that I was preparing for, but lost motivation due to RIP rolls and alternative games to test. It's still a pretty fun game to try out and with new events this week and the usual freebies. You can check out the new raid bosses below, the game is really shiny and pretty.

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Black Desert Online - Testing Dark Knight Awakening

dark knight gameplay

The Dark Knight awakening just got patched in today in the Korean version of Black Desert Online and I spent most of the day grinding, I mean enchanting her new weapon. The new awakening skills for the Dark Knight seems extremely powerful and I was roughly dealing 2-4x more damage with my +14 awakening weapon compared to a +18 main weapon using her previous skills. The Dark Knight received more ranged spells and most of them are super strong and one of them can be spammed for maximum damage. Check her out in action below!

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Black Desert Dark Knight Awakening Trailer

bdo awakening main

The Korean version of Black Desert Online is going to get an awakening update for the Dark Knight later this week! Her awakening weapon is leaving a lot of players puzzled due to her idle stance showing her default weapon with a purple glow, while her combat stance shows floating daggers. I'm most likely going to try the awakening out since I've grinded my Dark Knight to 56 already during the first few days of her release. If I end up liking it, I may continue leveling and show DK skills level above 56!

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Sword Art Online Memory Defrag English Version Now Available


Sword Art Online Memory Defrag is now available in English! I played the Japanese version for a good couple of months and it's pretty good. Offering fast-paced combat and player skill based gameplay. Players can dodge attacks and perform perfectly timed blocks and parry enemy attacks followed by a devastating counter-attack! The game will also offer real-time multiplayer content shown in my gameplay video below from the Japanese version. Try it out for fun and I do suggest to reroll for  a good start. If the rates are the same as the Japanese version!

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SEGA Terminates Closers Online Japan Transfers it to a New Publisher

closers japan rip

SEGA is no longer publishing the Japanese version of Closers Online and is handing it on over to HappyTuk Taiwan. The new publisher seems to have a lot of experience with publishing games all over Asia in both the mobile and PC market. Luckily, players able to keep their game data and migrate it on over to the new publisher! They will also need to install a new client. Now I wonder if this new publisher will ninja add English translations!?

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