Rising Fire Extra Closed Beta Thoughts With a Sexy Outfit and Boss Battle

rising fired

The Rising Fire Closed Beta is now officially over and I'm back with my last gameplay video of the beta. The content was slightly getting harder as I approached the level 20 cap, but nothing too serious. I still think the AI still needs some improvement and the developers do mention that they're collecting various feedback from testers so expect some changes in the next beta.

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Cute Emotes and Random Stuff in Moonlight Blade

 cutie stuff

I met some friendly Chinese players in Moonlight Blade the other day on my new character and they were nice enough to spam some cute emotes on my character! I also leveled up during the weekend to unlock my flying skill on my Assassin shown at the beginning of the video. I should probably make another flying montage video featuring the Assassin later on. You may have already seen my emotes video since I posted the preview over the weekend XD.

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An Eerie Looking Zone in Swords of Legends Online


I'm still playing Swords of Legends Online or Legend of the Ancient Sword Online whichever you prefer. I made a new character and recorded one of my favorite low-level areas of the game, I don't think there is any way to return to this place after you've completed this part of the story since it's some kind of Limbo or Purgatory zone. Just made a short video to share the soothing yet creepy music and zone. I'm going to level up my Blade Master a bit so I can preview you guys some of the skills later this week or the next.

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Moonlight Blade Online Loli Character Preview and Gameplay on Live Servers

moonloli blade online

Moonlight Blade Online just had a huge update yesterday adding a lot of new content and the long awaited new loli character customization. Players will be able to create a new young female character or buy a cash shop item that will magically turn them into a loli character. Unfortunately, there are no shota or young male characters yet! I was actually going to buy the magic transformation item, but they removed the Paypal payment method so I ended up making a new character instead. It's fairly easy to level up in this game anyway, so have a look at my new neenja below.

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Sdorica: Sunset Story Adventures and Gacha Shop Preview

sdorica new2

My Sdorica: Sunset Adventures continues this week showing story mode gameplay, Gacha, item shop, and changing the game language to English. I'm enjoying the Closed Beta so far and have collected a ton of characters already. I'm going to be sad when I part ways with them once the beta ends! Is the beta worth trying? Sure, some of my viewers already ended up trying the beta after watching my gameplay last week.

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