Pangya Mobile New Lobby Screenshot Teased


The official Line Pangya page teased a new Pangya Mobile lobby screenshot in English! Analyzing the image shows that the game may have a stamina system in forms of Flags located on the upper left. Three different modes are also shown which are PvP, Challenge, and Story. I wonder if it will have tournament mode or the classic lobby system with player shops? I also see Gems and Gacha icon, users can probably roll for outfits and clubs there, I hope it doesn't break the game. Make sure to Pre-Register using your LINE account, even though the page is in Thai. Rumors mention a release date by year's end, but don't take it to heart because that's what they said last year~!

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Forever 7th Capital Open Beta Starts This Month

f7 new

Fantasy Anime RPG Forever 7th Capital is finally going to be released later this month starting with the App Store version on the 24th followed by the Android version on the 30th. I added a short gameplay teaser from my previous adventures below, make sure to check out my article from last week to learn more about the game in detail.

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Seven Knights II Playable Characters and Raid Preview

seven knights 2 charlist main

Netmarble teased more characters for the upcoming MMORPG Seven Knights II for the mobile device earlier today. I highlighted the playable character select screen along with the real-time raid boss battle between two teams competing for free SWAG during the 2nd day of the G-Star 2017 event. Check out the gameplay video below along with my HD character screenshots, feel free to reuse em, just right click save. A quick reminder, you can check out the Netmarble Stream schedule in English from my post last week.

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Moonlight Blade G-Star 2017 Trailer and Event Booth Pictures

moonlight main

Moonlight Blade is one of those games that needs more G-Star 2017 love and attention. Having participated in the previous test, the localization team seems to be working hard on providing users with a fully Korean dubbed version. Their teaser websites are also well made and there is a lot of text going over Moonlight Blade lore, clan origins, etc. I often stop by the Chinese version of the game to check out the new outfits and fly around. Anyhow, take a break from Mobile-Star 2017 and watch some PC stuff below.

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Ascent Infinite Realm G-Star 2017 Floor Demo Various Links to Gameplay and Streams

air cbt

A lot of my followers have been hungry for Ascent Infinite Realm gameplay so I just wanted to link you guys to various floor demo videos and gameplay straight out of G-Star 2017! Make sure you check out the links and channels provided at the bottom of the article to support them! Most of the videos have Korean titles so Foreigners often have problems finding gameplay. Anyhow, check out the originals below and enjoy! I also suggest following English AIR forums for more livestream links. 

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