Get Your Master X Master Nurse Poharan Skin

mxm nurse

Not much gaming news in Asia due to the E3 event. Just wanted to let you guys know that you can donate to charity and get a free Master X Master Nurse Poharan Skin. Being a fan of both MXM and B&S I definitely jumped on the boat right away and donated. I'll be seeing you guys on launch though I may be late to the party since I've got other games to test around the time of the release. You've got a little over five days to decide before the E3 deal expires.

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Moonlight Blade Online Released More Cute Loli Dancing and Emote Trailers

moonlight trailers loli edition

Tencent went all out and released a barrage of teaser trailers over the weekend featuring their upcoming Loli character in Moonlight Blade Online. I'm not really sure how much hype this character is receiving, but there must be a lot it, considering the amount of trailers being released one after the other. I'm still waiting for the official release and I will definitely be making a couple videos if it once it becomes available. Meanwhile, enjoy the cute and charming trailers below!

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SoulWorker Online Random Adventures No More Grinding

soul workering

It's SoulWorker time! I recently stopped by the game the other day and noticed that leveling up is super easy now. I remember repeating various stages like 5-10 times just to level up, but now it's all about completing the quests, side missions, and more. Which means I may finally be able to hit that level cap meow?!

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Twilight Spirits Action MORPG Playable Classes Trailer and New Website Upgrade

twilight main

Netease recently upgraded their official Twilight Spirits page over the weekend with new information about the game, playable background music, system videos, class trailers, game images, and an updated clean brand new logo. As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, the Open Beta scheduled to start at the end of the month on June 29th! Still awhile to go, let the waiting games begin!

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Solidus Launches in Korea Short Gameplay Preview

solidus main

Iustice's Solidus just launched in South Korea! Just making a tiny news post about the game since some of my viewers were interested in trying the game out. Solidus features a town management like system along with side-scrolling action combat without auto-play. Players must manually block, evade, and activate skills. I'll briefly explain the combat controls for those below. Just in case you decide to try the game out.

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