Mabinogi Fantasy Life is Coming to Your Mobile Device

mabinogi mobile debut

DevCAT and Nexon just released a new gameplay teaser trailer for their upcoming Mabinogi Mobile! This brings back a ton of memories from over a decade ago. I used to play and love this game with all my heart. Did a lot of random life skills, camping seals, dungeons, farming, music, doing silly things with strangers, and much more. I noticed that it still has that one godly skill that everyone used back in my days which was Windmill, lol.

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Destiny Child's Censorship Comparison Between Normal Vs Teen Version

descha censored

Have you ever wondered what Destiny Child would look like if it was censored or not? Now you can with the help of Rendermax's latest gameplay video showing the differences side by side. Due to strict laws in South Korea, the game can only be downloaded and played by 18 and up users until up a few months ago when the developers released a 12 and up version. A lot of people are saying that the censored version looks better than the original one. If the game does ever come here in the US, we'll probably end up with the 12+ version.

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Granadia Saga Old School Classic Tactics RPG

gsaga main

Growing up I used to play all kinds of tactics games on console and this upcoming game called Granadia Saga reminded me of those days with FFT or Tactics Ogre style going on. Probably not a type of game for everyone since the graphics look super outdated, lol. I ended up Pre-Registering for fun, who knows it might be an interesting mobile game.

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X.A.O.C Online is Coming to STEAM Early Access This Month

xaoc steam

Wait a minute, X.A.O.C Online is still alive!? Many years have passed since I've last heard from this game and I believe there was an English version a few years ago, maybe gone now. Apparently, the game is going to be available for Early Access on Global Steam later this month on July 27th! You can check out some of the game trailers below or the official X.A.O.C Steam Page. Oh! The game's Early Access page also states that it only supports one language at the moment, and that is Traditional Chinese.

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MMOJRPG Alchemia Story Pre-Registration Begins

alchemia main

Pre-registrations have opened for Asobimo's upcoming mobile MMOJRPG Alchemia Story. The game features real-time active turn-based combat where players attack, manually use skills, guard, block, magic spells, and more! Players can also simultaneously use skills with each other to perform special team attacks similar to Chrono Trigger.

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