KurtzPel Bringer of Chaos New Gameplay Shows Action Combat PvP and Customization

kurtzpel main

KOG Games just released two new gameplay footages debuting their new upcoming Anime PvP based game KurtzPel Bringer of Chaos. Featuring fast-paced action combat, team battles, cinematic ultimates, air combos, instant weapon switching, and more. They also released a short character customization video that you can watch below.

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Netmarble Unveils New Blade & Soul Revolution

bns revo main

Netmarble Korea just revealed their hidden title "Blade & Soul Revolution" up based on the popular MMORPG IP Blade & Soul. You can check out the short teaser trailer below or at the official site. Not much information has been revealed just yet, but the website tags mention that it's an MMORPG and Mobile. Expect more information to be revealed next week during G-Star 2017.

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Pearl Abyss Media Showcase to Reveal More Black Desert Mobile Information


Black Desert fans can expect some pretty exciting news from the upcoming Pearl Abyss Media Showcase that starts on November 23rd later this month.  According to Inven Korean news, Pearl Abyss is also planning on revealing more information about their new Black Desert Mobile game that they teased earlier this year, see the old trailer below. Perhaps they will reveal a new trailer or release date? Time to wait and see! 

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Tera M Surpasses 2 Million Reservations Launches November 28th


Netmarble's Tera M just reached another new milestone with over 2 million reservations. The game is scheduled to be released later this month on November 28th and I'm definitely going to be trying it out as I played the Korean version many years ago. I also edited all the playable characters into one sassy trailer below! You might have seen it already while I was AFK being a potato.

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Ascent Infinite Realm Online Bluehole's New Fusion Medieval Sci-fi MMORPG

air bluehole project w

Bluehole just launched the public page for their upcoming new fusion Medieval Sci-Fi MMORPG A:IR (Ascent: Infinite Realm) previously known as Project W. One of the key features of the game is that players will be able to customize and use various vehicles, weapons, and airships in combat. Below you will find a five-minute long gameplay trailer showing off some of the game's features ranging from flying in different ways, aerial battles, steampunk mechas, dragons, an Assassin pulling out a minigun, flying raids, aerial battles, massive battles, housing, and well the list just goes on, better see for yourself! Updated with English Press Release!

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