Arpiel 2.0 Online Gets A New Male Character L'Vine


Ar:piel Online is going to get a new playable character this week named L'Vine who belongs to a family of legendary Armadillos. If this is your first time hearing about this game, Ar:piel Beastia Institute is a cutesy Anime MMORPG featuring students with special animal like traits. This character kind of reminds me of Captain America shota edition! I might try him out depending on my schedule this week. If you like K-Pop, you can listen to his theme song here, currently listening to it on repeat.

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Dragon Nest Mobile Version Gameplay


Dragon Nest for PC was one of the first few games that actually got me in the whole Korean gaming thing many years ago so I had to try out the mobile version that's currently in Closed Beta. The game looks pretty good for a mobile game and didn't seem to lag at all. I did a quick test on the four playable characters in my short gameplay video below. Archer and Sorcerer seemed really fun! Dragon Nest Awakening's targeting system is a bit different compared to the PC version and much more user-friendly. I would probably played the heck out of this game if it came out years ago, but I'm all Dragon Nested out. I find it strange that they used both Korean and Chinese voice overs.

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Black Desert Online - The Dark Knight is Coming


The Korean version of Black Desert just teased a new website for the upcoming new female Dark Elf / Dark Knight playable character. Players can create and customize their characters ahead of time starting on the 8th of this month. Aside from the 1st teaser trailer released earlier today, there will be more Dark Knight updates on the 8th which includes screenshots, skill previews, and perhaps another new trailer showing the new character in action. Lastly, the character is going to be playable on December 15th in South Korea.

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Final Fantasy VII Remake Event Now Playable Mobius Final Fantasy


The Final Fantasy VII Remake Event in Mobius Final Fantasy just started a few days ago! I decided to make a short gameplay of the event using the PC Steam version of the game because 60FPS is life! I'm kind of bummed out since I did a lot of rolls and didn't luck out on the ultimate legendary new Cloud Strife Job card. I wanted to make  gameplay video of it for you guys due to the new Omnislash he gets that's different from the Warrior of Light version. I should probably auto-farm some magicites or just save for the next event, still waiting for my FFVI!

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Hyper Universe Open Beta Starts Tomorrow


I spent most my weekend relaxing and playing the Pre-OBT phase of Hyper Universe Online. The server is down for the day in preparation for the Open Beta that is scheduled to go live tomorrow in South Korea. I played a lot of matches and was able to get my character icon for both Jennifer (Super Girl) and Yuna (AI Girl) which requires a minimum of 10 wins. Yuna was my favorite character during the Pre-OBT so I made a short gameplay video of her below. Anyone with a Nexon Korea account should be able to login and play just fine and it's not IP blocked! Ninja added the new trailer!

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