Closers Online is Finally Getting Another Male Character


After two years of constant new playable female characters, the Korean version of Closers Online is finally getting another playable male character named Wolfgang Schneider. A lot of people are looking forward to trying out this new character, especially because he is rumored to be a magician which is what the game needs more of! Check out his short debut teaser below.

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Blade & Soul CN Version Gunner Now Playable

bns shadow bullets

Just a small update for those that have been wanting to try out the new Maestro or Gunner job in Blade & Soul and wasn't able to on the Korean servers. The Chinese version just patched it in so you can go ahead and try it out there easily, or be lazy and wait for the JP or EN version. There's a bunch of events going on for both new, returning, and VIP members. I don't have a CN version gameplay so you'll have to make do with my KR Test one from last month!

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Forever 7th Capital Anime RPG CV Trailer Released

f7 new

Netease just released a new trailer for their upcoming Anime RPG Forever 7th Capital featuring over twenty various Japanese voice actors and actresses. Having enjoyed the previous beta, I've been keeping a close eye on this game, waiting for the latest info in regards to the next test or release. They haven't revealed anything new yet, so I gotta keep on waiting! You can learn more about the strange stamina system in my Forever 7th Capital Preview. Also added some gameplay vids from the previous test for those seeing this game for the first time.

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Dragon's Dogma Online Gets an Attack on Titan Collab With Super Sized Cyclops

ddo titans

Capcom just released a new teaser trailer showing off the new collab event for Dragon's Dogma Online featuring Attack on Titan costumes, weapons, and a bunch of gigantic cyclops! You can check out some of the obtainable items via event page. I'm tempted to update my client and try it out, but I'll probably need to level up my Seeker. The only job with a long grappling hook which is a must to obtain the whole Attack on Titan experience.

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Moonlight Blade Online Loli Character Now Playable on Test Servers

moonlight trailers loli edition

The new adolescent character in Moonlight Blade Online just went live on the test servers a few days ago. A friend of mine who goes by Rendermax made a cover video featuring an early look on the character customization amongst other things! I'm totally looking forward to returning to Moonlight Blade again once the character becomes available later next week. Time to ponder on what job to play on release, unless they have a magical cash shop potion that will let me become a loli instantly, which is unlikely.

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