Black Desert Online Kamasilvia Region Releases Tomorrow


The Korean version of Black Desert Online is about to receive a large update tomorrow unlocking the Kamasilvia region. (Edit Update) The new area is located south of Calpheon. The new region looks pretty good, blooming with life and giving off a very nature like surroundings befitting the whole Elfish theme. This update also includes new NPC's, monsters, and what looks like some new mini-bosses! I'm looking forward to checking out the new region tomorrow, I might do a couple tour videos, stay tuned!

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Figureheads Upcoming Update Introduces New PvE Modes


For the first time ever, Figureheads is going to receive new PvE co-op modes introducing large raid bosses. Players must hunt down these new bosses within a specific time limit. Just like the PvP modes, everyone must aim for the weak spots and core. As easy as it sounds, the core isn't always visible and players must work together and take down the enemy shield to fully expose the core.

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SoulWorker Online Adventures with Iris Yuma


I've got two new gameplay videos for you guys showing off the latest character in SoulWorker Online. I managed to craft a really nice unique weapon early on, so I was able to zoom through the game easily. I was actually thinking of maxing this character out for raids, but I lost interest after taking a short break to test other games. Christmas outfits also came out last week, no new trailer though. I was going to buy Stella's outfit since it's so cute, but I don't really play this game that much anymore.

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Dungeon & Fighter: Spirit New Website Update


Dungeon & Fighter: Spirit just received a new website revamped revealing new information on the upcoming job advancements along with Pre-Registrations for Korean gamers. As usual, most KR games will require Korean phone to Pre-Register. Neople and Nexon are planning on releasing more trailers in the weeks to come along, so check back often! Gameplay and teasers added below.

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Knights Chronicle Pre-Registration & New Teaser Trailer


The Pre-Registration event for Knights Chronicle has begun! If you're looking for a new game that's a bit similar to Seven Knights with an Anime theme, then you might want to check this game out. I've posted my short gameplay preview video from the previous Closed Beta below. If you like what you see, you can Pre-Register by clicking on the Twitter or E-mail link above. I'm hoping the official release has better rates XD, as I didn't have much luck in CBT. It would be nice to start out the game with one of the special Knights in Purple.

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