Netmarble G-Star 2017 Show Schedule

netmarble main schedule

Netmarble Korea just uploaded their live show schedule for the upcoming G-Star 2017 game show revealing events for Tera M, Blade & Soul Revolution, Seven Knights II, and Icarus M. They're going be showcasing these titles during specific hours, so I did a quickie translation on the event schedule for those planning on stalking their Livestream on Youtube, AfreecaTV, or Facebook. Their stream starts on Nov.16th~19th, check the current time in Korea now.

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The Missing Nexon Games in G-Star 2017 Line-Up

ffxi mobile still alive

Nexon's G-Star 2017 line-up is missing a lot of upcoming titles though mostly for the Mobile device. I was really looking forward to more Peria Chronicles, Project Meta, Astellia Online and others for PC. At the same timing, I was hoping to finally hear from the Final Fantasy XI Mobile Reboot along with some Mabinogi Mobile news.

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Forever 7th Capital New Website Teased Playable Characters Preview

f7 new main

Netease's upcoming mobile Anime Action RPG Forever 7th Capital received a whole new website revamp today. Having participated in two Closed Beta's for the game, I'm keeping a very close eye on this title. Meanwhile, you can check out the some of my gameplay videos below along with the short Anime intro. I also just uploaded a preview of all the playable male and female characters of the game. I'll let you guys know the game is coming out or if another test happens.

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The Reason Peria Chronicles is Missing in Nexon's G-Star 2017 Line-Up


A lot of people are wondering what happened to Peria Chronicles and why isn't it shown in Nexon's G-Star 2017 line-up. According to a recent Q&A from Nexon, preparing a demo build requires a lot of resource production and development. Instead, they want to concentrate and focus all of their manpower in preparation for their upcoming Winter plans. I believe it was last year or earlier this year when they mentioned that they wanted to reach CBT by Winter. Keep your fingers crossed and hope for no delays. Fighting! Meanwhile, check out the old trailer below for as a filler or reminder.

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KurtzPel Bringer of Chaos New Screenshots

kurtzpel ss

New screenshots were revealed today for KurtzPel an upcoming PvP focused Anime Action Fighting game for PC. Although the recent teaser demo only showcases PvP, the developers are planning on adding PvE content later, but they're mostly going to focus on the PvP aspect of the game. Below you can check out over a handful of character images just idling around with their bow, greatsword, and dual swords.  For those that just want to see some gameplay, check out my previous KurtzPel article.

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