HeroWarz English Server Shutting Down Temporarily


The English version of HeroWarz Online is going offline temporarily on March 26th, 2017. KOG Games and A.Storm wants to make some major changes to their story-driven action MORPG. Although the game is shutting down in a few months, there is a new event that just started today with 2x Bonus EXP and Item drops! It sounds tempting if players are able to keep their characters!

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Status Update and 2017 Adventure Continues!

steparu meow mode

Greetings! I just wanted to let you guys know that I'm still alive! I was gone during my extended holiday mostly gaming and sleeping. The cold weather makes me super tired so I went off and hibernated for awhile. I've got nothing special planned for this year so expect more of the same random news and stuff! I'm probably going to start doing more blog related gaming posts. I'm looking forward to testing out new games and going on new adventures this year, but as many of you know, the Eastern Online PC game industry has been at a slow crawl, while the mobile gaming market is still blooming and milking players.

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Tree of Savior Clone Tale of the Lost City Heads to South Korea


The Tree of Savior clone from China titled Tale of the Lost City Online is going to be coming out in South Korea published by Nextmove and branded as Lost Tale. There is a big controversy revolving around this title and the current localization due to the stolen assets from Tree of Savior. If you've played a lot of TOS in the past like me, you will notice a lot of similarities! I've posted a gameplay video of the Chinese adventures below. I might try out the Korean version just for kicks, lol.

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Phantom Blade 2 Side-scrolling Action RPG


Hero Entertainment's Phantom Blade 2 came out last month for the iOS and it seems like there is an Android version now, so I went ahead and downloaded it! You start the game off with one main character and you'll get two more characters by the time you finish the tutorial. I'm digging the whole artwork and style of the game so far. The super flashy combo combat system is nice and it seems to have some kind of super saiyan mode or perhaps that was just for the starting prologue, lol. I might test it a bit more to see if I can unlock the other characters.

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Dungeon & Fighter: Spirit Playable Jobs Gameplay Trailer


Neople and Nexon just released gameplay trailers showing off all twelve playable jobs for Dungeon & Fighter: Spirit. As I wrote a few days ago, the Pre-Registration has begun, but only available to Korean users. However, once the game is released, you should be able to play the game just fine, as long as you don't mind it being in Korean. There should be a couple more teasers after this, I wonder if the game is coming out soon, like this month or the next? They sure are building hype momentum!

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