PhantomGate Puzzle RPG Gameplay and Thoughts

phantom gate

I've been slowly progressing through the English version of PhantomGate for about a week now and the game is pretty good in terms of platform puzzle exploration. The art is nice and the mini puzzles in each stage is a nice touch. I can see myself playing the game for a good month or two unless I end up rage quitting from the crazy Gacha. I've rolled so many times and haven't received a special rainbow prism unit. I should've rerolled or something, but I'm already too far in the story.

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Moonlight Blade Flower Field Adventures

moonloli blade main

Nothing really interesting going on lately so I'm going to post my little Moonlight Blade adventure earlier today. I was just walking around in the beautiful looking flower blossom field and then a random person came up to me and started petting me. I'm always easily distracted in this game when it comes to emotes! The stranger and I started dancing and prancing around on the flowery field. After some time, more random people came on over and spammed cute emotes on me XD! I would have bought all these emotes in a heartbeat, but I rarely play this game. I just do photo shoots and fly around. Anyhow, check out the random shenanigans below.

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MU Legend Emphasizer The Queen of AoE Spells Gameplay

mu legend empha first look

I spent most of yesterday trying out the new Emphasizer job in the Korean version of MU Legend Online. Overall the character feels very powerful with the amount of AoE spells she learns. The developers are also giving out free leveling packs that give away +6 weapons every 10 levels, makes rushing through the content a breeze.

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SoulWorker Online Haru Estia Advanced Job Trailer

soul worker main

Haru Estia is going to be one of the first to receive an advanced job upgrade in the Korean version of the Anime Action MMORPG SoulWorker Online. She becomes a lot stronger than ever with the second sword at her disposal. In addition to the new dual-wielding skills, Haru is also able to briefly combine the two swords together and execute special attacks. Check her out in action below. Time to level up a new character in the Korean version, I hope that version isn't as grindy as people have said. Her update is scheduled to go live on the 30th of this month.

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Yulgang M Action RPG Mobile Short Gameplay and Impressions

yulgang m main

Yulgang M is currently in Closed Beta in South Korea and I've decided to check the game out really quick. The combat is pretty good for a side-scrolling mobile game. You have two attack buttons on the screen and you can execute multiple combos and attacks by alternating between them. 

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