Swords of Legends Online Random Adventures

swords of legends

Legend of the Ancient Sword Online also known as Swords of Legends has been satiating my oriental fantasy MMORPG fix as of late. I'm back again with another gameplay adventure running around various areas and killing random monsters. The action combat makes things much more interesting, there was a moment in the video where I ran out of stun or cc skills and the monster ate most of my health. Hope ya enjoy the short scenery and combat gameplay!

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Astellia Online Dungeon and Summons Preview

astellia summons main

If you've been following Astellia Online, then you're quite aware that the game has two different types of card summons. Not much information has been revealed in regards to what the difference is between both Guardian and Servant Astel Summons, but after testing the game out myself, I finally know what makes them both unique. During the Closed Beta, players were able to obtain both Guardian and Servant Astels through quests and dungeons.

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Project Tokyo Dolls Not Just Another Idol Game

tokyo wut dolls

Project Tokyo Dolls is a title that I've been ignoring because I actually thought it was just another Japanese idol music game, but as it turns out, there is more to it! They release a game system trailer a few days ago showing off the combat mechanics and it's combo and timing based. I've suddenly taken an interest in this game in hopes that it will actually play nice. Project Tokyo Dolls is scheduled to come out really soon, like June 22ish soon! You can still Pre-Register for the game. Gotta hit that Gem mileage mark for rerollers bonus or something.

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Twilight Spirits Steam Version Coming Soon


Action MORPG Twilight Spirits Online will be available on Steam very soon! The Steam version was supposed to be out today on June 26th, but the countdown changed from an hour left to Coming Soon. Netease is going to be publishing two versions of the game, one on STEAM and the other on their official site that officially launches on June 29th.

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Tango 5 is a PvP Real-time Tactics RPG with Friendly Fire

t5 last dance aru

I was totally out of things to play the other day, so I picked up Studio One and Thingsoft's real-time tactics PvP game called Tango 5. Thingsoft is also the same developer behind the upcoming Anime MMORPG Peria Chronicles! Tango 5's simultaneous PC and mobile release was last week so I wanted to hop in while it's still fresh!

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