Revelation Online English Version Announcement


The English version of Revelation Online is finally on the way and Closed Beta is to begin later this fall. Players can sign up for the upcoming CBT early by checking out the official website. There is no planned business model for the game just yet! There aren't many nice looking Chinese games like this one and I do have a lengthy Revelation Online Review for those interested. Check out the English trailer below along with some of my gameplay videos.

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Monster Hunter Online English Patch Now Available


Team HD just released the unofficial English patch for the CryEngine3 version of Monster Hunter Online by Tencent. I haven't had the chance to re-download the game just yet, but I did want to give you guys an early heads up on the news. The game is totally free to play with no IP blocks so happy hunting to you all!

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Final Fantasy VIII Lands in Mobius Final Fantasy 1st Anniversary


Squall Leonhart's Balamb Mercenary is the latest playable class in Mobius Final Fantasy. I'm a huge FF fan and played most of them! This game started celebrating it's 1 year anniversary today giving away a ton of free stuff. Interested in seeing the Balamb Mercenary in action, check it out below! I also recorded the 20-minute long 1st-anniversary story which contains spoilers.

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