Mobius Final Fantasy Event FFVII Remake Gameplay

mobius final fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII Remake and Mobius Final Fantasy has some kind of event going on, so I went ahead and returned to the game. I've made a short gameplay video below on how Cloud and I met, check it out below. I've also linked a useful English guide, for those that want to get started on this game! Enjoy!

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Gunslinger Stratos Reloaded Online Not Doing Well in Japan


Every now and then I like to check back on Square-Enix's Gunslinger Stratos Reloaded Online. It looks like they added a new map and I took it for a test drive! I was given a lot of Gacha tickets, so I rolled those and won cute outfits for my characters. However, the servers are still dead and the both channels was a completely empty. Once again, the training room was my friend.

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Nexon Elsword, Closers, and Arpiel Anime Details Revealed


In the latest Anime gaming news, Nexon Korea released full details about their upcoming Anime for their three titles. Each title is going to be worked on by three different Animation studios called Studio Animal, DR Movie, and Red Dog Culture House. I believe all of the studios are in South Korea!

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Nexon Korea Entering Animation Business with Closers, Arpiel, and Elsword Anime


In the latest Gaming Anime news, it seems like Nexon is planning on entering the Animation business according to an article on Inven. Although there has been no official statement just yet. Nexon Korea is planning on announcing more details a few days from now on November 26th introducing titles such as Closers Online, Arpiel Online, and Elsword Online Anime.

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