Dragon Nest Mobile Game Similar to the PC Version


Surprise! Here is another Dragon Nest mobile game and no it's not a spin-off or some knock off version this time around. It actually looks like the PC version game and graphics wise. It also looks like the game has an autoplay system. I've linked various gameplay videos from different media outlets below for those interested in watching some gameplay.

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Hunting Era Your Latest Large Monster Hunting Game for Tablets and Smartphones


Do you like beating up large monsters or games similar to Monster Hunter or God Eater? Then you're in luck! Netease and Black Pearl just launched a teaser trailer for a new hunting game targeting the mobile or tablet device users. Other than basic weapons, it looks like one of the characters will also be able to transform or turn into some kind of Super Saiyan beast, just saying, at least from what I see in the trailer below.

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The Tale of Lost City Online Gameplay Preview


If you've been following my social medias and Youtube, you'll notice that I stumbled upon a new game currently in Open Beta called The Tale of Lost City Online. I was actually looking for Ragnarok Online Mobile, but somehow this showed up, lol. The game looks really cool despite the blatantly ripped off sprites and graphics from Tree of Savior. The game does have a full auto-play so you can just be lazy and oogle at your character autorun and kill stuff for you.

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[MXM] Master X Master Short Gameplay and New Changes


I managed to sneak in the servers early yesterday and played a bit of MXM! I'm always ninja'ing myself in most of the MXM betas because it's a really great game to try out. I'm sure you can find large amounts of gameplay videos of me poking and shooting people in the game. MXM is an upcoming game that offers a wide variety of PvE and PvP modes. Check out some of the PvE content below from yesterday.

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Pangya Mobile Version Scheduled for 2nd Half of 2016


Pangya Online, once you've played it, any other golf game will never be the same! I grew up playing Pangya and it's actually one of my beloved all time favorite titles. The Korean version of Pangya recently shut down a few months ago, while the Japanese version is still going strong with a new map update. It looks like NCSoft resumed the Pangya Mobile project and released new screenshots of the game below. I'm definitely going to be playing this version of Pangya for nostalgia's sake when it comes out this year.

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