Lineage Eternal Teaser Page Revealed Closed Beta Coming Soon


NCSoft Korea just released a teaser page for the long-awaited Lineage Eternal Twilight Resistance. There were rumors about the beta starting sometime in November and well it's finally happening! Not much for a teaser other than a muted CG video due to it being a backdrop on the official page. More information about the upcoming Closed Beta will be revealed later next week on November 10th. Just letting you guys know ahead of time and try not to get your hopes up too much until next week, the beta may actually start next month giving players a whole month to sign up for the first CBT. Updated trailer with audio version!

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Project 100 Mobile Action RPG from the Father of Dragon Nest Online


The father of Dragon Nest Online Jung Sic Park and Hound 13 is working on a new TPS Action RPG called Project 100. The game is to feature console-like action combat with various weapons to choose from for situational uses. For example, the chain weapon can hold down the enemy while Hammers have a higher chance to break and flinch enemies. Korean gaming news site Inven also posted a first look gameplay video shown below for those interested. Project 100 is slated for 2017 release for both the Android and iOS devices.

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SoulWorker Teases New Female Character in the Next Large Update


NHN Hangame Japan and Liongames Korea just launched a silhouette teaser page for the next playable character to be released next month. Although no new information has been revealed just yet, those that have been following SoulWorker from the start might have a clue on who this mysterious character might be. Iris Heavenroad known as Hammer Stol was supposed to be one of the playable original characters from the alpha version of SoulWorker Online. No new teaser trailers just yet, so I slapped on some other gameplay video below.

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Hyper Universe to Feature 30 Playable Characters in Open Beta


Hyper Universe is going to be jumping into Open Beta later this month on the 22nd with a random Ninja CBT/FGT to start tomorrow. The 2D side-scrolling AOS/MOBA game will feature up to 30 playable characters including 4 new characters! Aside from the wide variety of characters to choose from, the game a ton of characters will have special skins, if I enjoy the game I might just buy some! I'll be posting some gameplay videos final FGT this week for those interested.

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Mobius Final Fantasy PC Steam Gameplay Preview


After a whole day's worth of delays and server issues, Mobius Final Fantasy is now playable and available for download via Japanese Steam Store! Users that have played the JP mobile version are able to link their data to the Steam version and continue on with their progress! I quickly recorded and edited a short gameplay video below featuring both male and female characters of the game so far. Enjoy!

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