Shadowverse Free Stuff in the New Update Forte and Vania Gameplay


Shadowverse recently implemented a large update a few days ago that is worth checking out. Various new sleeves was added from both Granblue Fantasy and Rage of Bahamut and they're FREE! A bunch of new leader characters was also added to the game with new voice overs for each one. New leader cards can be purchased with Crystals or Rupees. I ended up buying two of them with the Rupees that I had. Oh, you also get a couple Arena/Draft tickets for a limited time and other things that I probably forgot.

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Lost Ark Online 2016 Trailer Revealed and New Information


Smilegate just revealed a brand new trailer for Lost Ark Online during the media conference that's going on right this moment. The new trailer shows off a lot of cool things for the upcoming CBT such as Cinematic Dungeons, Secret Dungeons, Instrument System, Playable Classes, Skills, Story Scenes, Field Bosses, Raid Bosses, Open Areas with many players, and a lot more. I've handpicked some of the information that I thought was useful below, there is too many stuff to translate so I skipped some of them, I'm a busy bee~!

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MapleStory 2 Online New Hybrid Magician Class Soul Binder


Nexon Korea just released a new playable job yesterday in MapleStory2 Online called Soul Binder. Players that achieve level 50 with the new class will earn a lot of free goodies such as a ton of Mesos, high-grade weapon, and more. I started leveling up my Soul Binder last night and managed to get close to level 30 before taking a bit of a break to work on stuff. I've posted my gameplay adventures below for those interested.

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Seventh Dark Online Quick Gameplay Preview


I was in the mood to play something cute this week so I went ahead and tested the Japanese version of Laplace called Seventh Dark Online. You can jump straight into my gameplay preview below if you're interested in seeing what it looks like. One neat feature about the game is that characters can use various weapons and you're not bound to the one you select at character creation.

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MXM Offers Extremely Fun and Challenging PvE Content


I spent my last weekend playing NCSoft's MXM all day long, as in eat sleep and play nothing but MxM exploring the PvE aspects of the game. The first few modes of the game is fairly easy, but once you've reach Nightmare Mode, you'll definitely notice that the game is totally on a whole new level. Players that die in this mode won't be able to use any "Hearts" or "Continue" so they're going to be stuck spectating the whole time or until your party decides to forfeit the run.

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