Lost Ark Online Developers Aiming for Global Market


Smilegate's Lost Ark is taking over the world by a storm and a lot of foreigners are wondering if the blockbuster game will ever fly or sail out of South Korea. The developers mentioned that the game is designed to target both the domestic and overseas market followed by plan on how to localize the game to make it a much more attractive game to foreigners.

The Exact Quotes taken from Koreatimes written by Yoon Sung-won


Ji said the game is designed to target both domestic and overseas markets "We tried to depict a background which has both colors of western and eastern cultures to aim at the global market," he said. "We will think over how to localize detailed parts of the game to attract foreign users."


Honestly, I'd like the game as it is without any localization (local-what? It usually means make it less grindy and add some NA flare stuff.) Anyhow, looks like Smilegate aims to please everyone around the world. English version confirmed or is it official? It's probably going to take some time given the game hasn't even launched its first private or closed beta yet. Let the waiting games begin! I also forgot to mention that they might need to search for a worth publisher!

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Source: Koreatimes