Continent of the Ninth Closed Beta

cbmainContinent of the Ninth Closed Beta sign ups are now Open!  Are you lucky enough to win?  There will be 10,000 people selected for Closed Beta.  Good Luck to you all!  This is just a short notice that the game is Closed Beta since many people have been waiting for this to come.  See you all in Closed Beta at the end of this month or next month or... whenever they start!



Hack And Slash those baddies!

Not much to say if you wish to know more about this game check out my full preview from Hangame Invitational 2009 on the related links below.  It should give you a better understanding on whats to come hope you guys get in.  Gameplay and PV right below if you don't want to read!  And before I forgot here is a direct link to the registration sign ups.  You need to have a Hangame Korean account login to proceed ^_^/ Click Here!

Official Trailer 03

Official Trailer 02

Official Trailer 01

Developer: NHN / Hangame
Game Publisher: Hangame
Game Site: