Alicia Online Closed Beta

mainGametree Korea is now recruiting Closed Beta Testers for their upcoming game Alicia Online. This is a beautiful fantasy racing horse game. Horse game!?! You got that right! I must admit, it looks like it will be a pretty cool game because it will probably be like playing Mario Kart, except you're on horses or ponies... I hope I get in the Closed Beta. You can check out the trailer that they released last month below in HD along with the full Closed Beta Schedule. The trailer didn't look that amazing, though I am pretty sure the game itself will be!

Alicia Online Promo Video

You may be a horse lover, but I am not sure if you can handle nuking other players that are riding other horses. Pretty sure that they will probably add no item mode though, for the softie players who just wants to race without excitement?

Closed Beta Schedule
All dates and times are in Korean and may subject to change!

Closed Beta Test Recruiting Phase

December 08th, 2009 - December 16th 2009
If you happen to get picked for this test, you will be able to download the client ahead of time on Dec. 16th

Closed Beta Testing Dates

December 17th, 2009 - December 23rd, 2009
Server will only be up during 14:00 and 22:00 in Korea

Developer: Ntreev Korea
Game Publisher: Gametree
Game Site: