The Day Online a Futuristic Sci-Fi TPS MOBA in Closed Beta


Searching for random PC games, I stumbled upon a new futuristic sci-fi TPS game called The Day Online developed by Reloaded Studios! I spent most of last night testing the game out so there wasn't much news. The day has a lot of playable characters to choose from along with various playable roles as seen in my preview below. 

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Pangya Mobile Closed Beta Starts Next Week

pangya cbt

In preparation for a successful launch, the mobile version of Pangya is going to be kicking off a Closed Beta next week starting on December 14th and conclude on December 18th for the Android device. Players will be able to try out a variety of modes which includes Story adventure, Tournament mode, real-time 1v1 PvP, and more.

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SoulWorker Mobile Anime MMORPG No Wipe Beta Kicks Off


The SoulWorker Anime MMORPG is now playable on the mobile device! I just finished trying it out for a bit, it was still the same from the previous beta so I'm gonna skip out on creating a new video. The servers seemed really packed, I took a screenshot shown below with my new character. There are only three playable characters which are Lily, Haru, and Erwin. No Stella T_T! Anyhow, the beta might be a first come first serve basis or what not, just a heads up for those SoulWorker fanatics. I wonder if this version actually has the approval seal of Liongames the original PC developer?!

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Arknights Awakening Closed Beta Recruitment Begins

ark knights main

Arknights Awakening Closed Beta is just around the corner and it only takes a minute to sign-up using the form provided below. A lot of people have been waiting for new information about this game, so here I am just writing a quickie post notification on it! I haven't done much research on this title, but the PV and art looks amazing, so I signed up!

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Ascent Infinite Realm 1st Closed Beta Recruitment Begins for the Korean Version

air cbt

Bluehole started recruiting testers for the Korean version of A:IR (Ascent: Infinite Realm) today. The site doesn't mention how many people they're going to accept in the 1st CBT, but there is an event where you can sign-up as a group! The 1st beta is scheduled to start early next month on December 13th, time to go poke your Korean friends to sign-up as a party.

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Lost Ark Online 2nd Closed Beta Schedule Revealed With New Website

lost ark cbt2

The new revamped sleek and clean looking Lost Ark website just went live along with the 2nd Closed Beta Sign-Up page! You will find a lot of new information about the playable classes, game content, world map features, and sailing stuff on the site. Google Translate actually does a decent job on some of the pages. Lost Ark's 2nd CBT will go on for ten days and is scheduled to start next month on September 15th.

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