Dragon Nest 2 Legend Upcoming Closed Beta Announced


Nexon Korea just started recruiting Closed Beta testers for the Dragon Nest 2 Legend! The upcoming beta is only available for the Android device and Korean users as it requires a cell phone. The Closed Beta schedule hasn't been announced just yet. I've been hearing rumors mentioning that Dragon Nest II is supposed to have improved graphics and gameplay compared to last year's teaser trailer. I'm hoping there is a way for Foreigners who doesn't have Korean contacts to try out the game via APK share.

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Lineage Eternal Closed Beta Schedule Released


NCSoft Korea just announced the full Closed Beta Schedule for the long awaited Lineage Eternal Twilight Resistance Online. Starting today, players with an NCSoft Korea account will be able to register for the 1st Closed Beta. The lucky winners will be able to check their account on the 24th to see if they were selected for the 1st CBT that is scheduled to start on November 30th and conclude on December 4th. A variety of clips has been released, I've compiled em into one for an easier viewing pleasure below. I'll write another article featuring more Lineage Eternal information soon.

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Bless Online Upcoming Russian Closed Beta


Just a short notification or heads up for those interested in signing up for the Russian version of Bless Online! 101XP is going to launch a Closed Beta later this month on October 25th. Since the game is being localized in various areas already, it's probably going have form of IP block, just letting ya know in case ya get in and be like whaaaaaat!? You can check out the awesome Bless RU CBT trailer below, it's pretty good!

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Revelation Online Closed Beta Key Giveaway


The English version of Revelation Online starts sometime next month and I've got 50 Closed Beta Keys to giveaway for those interested~! I'll be selecting 50 winners from both my Youtube Channel and Facebook Page. The keys will be sent via Facebook/Youtube messaging system before September 26th. Just drop a comment on my Revelations Custom Tailer I made below or leave a message on my Revelation Online Facebook Post. Although not required, if you're feeling awesome and up for it. Feel free to subscribe and follow me on Youtube and Facebook social medias! 

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Lineage Eternal Closed Beta Scheduled for November


According to Gamemeca News, NCSoft is finally going to launch a Closed Beta Test for Lineage Eternal during the 2nd half of this year. NCSoft is roughly aiming to schedule it sometime in November, but it may get delayed again like the CBT that was supposed to happen earlier this year. Just a little short update for those wanting to know the latest LE info, that's all for now~!

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MXM English Alpha Playtest 2 Starts This Week


If you've previously signed up for the MXM newsletter, there is a chance that you're eligible for the upcoming alpha playtest scheduled this weekend. Just letting ya guys know ahead of time and to check your e-mail to see if you're invited! Those that participated in the past alpha tests should be all set and can download a fresh or update their previous client.

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