Ghosts'n Goblin Open CBT

mainCapcom and CJ E&M Netmarble Korea's Ghosts'n Goblins Online will be going into another Closed Beta Test starting late this week starting on January 31st. The upcoming test is open to anyone that has a Netmarble Korea account, so if you have previously played games from that company, you're guaranteed to get in. Ghosts'n Goblin is based off the original old school side scrolling platformer that was widely popular during its time because of its' super challenging gameplay. If you're looking forward to reminisce some old school memories then check out the gameplay trailers below. I think I might go on ahead and check this title out myself so expect some coverage of it sometime next week!

Introduction Gameplay

Gameplay Trailer

Developer: CAPCOM | SEED9
Publisher: CJ E&M Netmarble Korea
Game Site: