Monster Hunter Online Alpha Test

mhmainTencent started recruiting members for Monster Hunter Online first test but I heard some rumors that foreigners can't sign up. Decided to dig in a little deeper myself and I managed to make a foreigner account and signed up just fine without any special verification, you don't even need any personal numbers or such. The first set of activation codes is supposed to go out in a few days starting on June 13th so if you're really interested and devoted to signing up for this game, then it will take you at least an hour. That is if you're clueless like me!


Step 1 - Create QQ Account

Step 2 - Long Survey and PC Spec Check

Step 3 - Final Touches

Once you have finish signing up, filled in the questionnaire, Passed the PC Check, and stuff. It will give you a "QQ" e-mail address # and login. Activate that e-mail on this website. You must not forget to do this because they will e-mail you're key here. Anyway, good luck guys I thought it would be nice to share even though it lowers the chances of me getting in lol. Mythbust the whole no foreigner crap! Since I can't read Chinese I won't be able to help you with registering but if someone wants to make a registration guide or Step 2, feel free to post it! Cheers. On the side note, I am hoping for a media press account but I haven't established much Chinese media stuff since it I can't speak or read it.

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