Hyper Universe Online Closed Beta and G-Star 2015 Trailer


Nexon Korea and CWAVESOFT just released a new Hyper Universe G-Star 2015 short teaser trailer. The new video is rather short, but I've got your back with some gameplay videos from the previous test below. The 1st Closed Beta is scheduled to start around December 15th with sign-ups to open on November 26th.

Hyper Universe 1st CBT Recruiting Date
November 26th ~ ????

Hyper Universe 1st CBT Testing Date
December 15th ~ ????


Official game description CWAVESOFT's HYPERUNIVERSE is an online side-scrolling AOS game that takes place in HYPERUNIVERSE, a hub that connects all corners of the galaxy. Hypers, heroes with superpowers, must battle it out for supremacy to save the universe from extinction.


Hyper Universe Online focuses a lot more on the "jungle" mechanics of the game because it only has towers on the middle lane which includes the main base tower or should I say nexus. In short, the game only has a total of SIX towers! Most of the action will happen in the middle lane while the rest of the team is farming the jungle on both the top and bottom lanes. There are super creeps on the sides of the map along with a big minion that spawns in the bottom half of the map along with a super dragon boss minion on top of the map. Players must equip items before the match and upgrade them from level 0~5 during each match. 

Developer: CWAVESOFT
Publisher: Nexon Korea
Game Site: http://hu.nexon.com/