Hyper Universe Final Closed Beta Test


Nexon Korea and CWAVESOFT just announced their final Closed Beta schedule for Hyper Universe Online a 2D MOBA side-scrolling action game that focuses a lot more on jungling instead of defending multiple lanes. While the upcoming CBT is open to all with a Nexon Korea account. The previous betas was a little somewhat laggy if you're playing outside of South Korea, but it was a fun experience. I've posted the new trailer below along with my previous gaming adventures.

Final Test Recruitment Phase
April 1st ~ April 14th

Final Test Server Schedule
April 20th ~ April 24th
Monday to Friday 14:00~23:00 KST
Saturday and Sunday 12:00~23:00 KST

I added a lot of gameplay videos since most of you probably want to know what kind of game it is. I've written some articles about the game in the past so go ahead and check them out when you can. The game had serious bug in the last test where players that experience network lag will also experience frameskip drops. It was kind of annoying so some of my videos didn't come out as smooth as expected. Hopefully the issue is fixed in the upcoming final test.

Hyper Universe Previous Test Gameplay Videos

Brand Website: Link
Developer: CWAVESOFT
Publisher: Nexon Korea
Game Site: http://hu.nexon.com/