A Certain Magical Index Mobile Action RPG Closed Beta

index mobile

Netease launched another Closed Beta for their mobile Anime Action RPG A Certain Magical Index! The game felt a bit MMO'ish since I was able to see other players on the field doing random quests and beating up bad guys. It seems like you can play most of the characters from the Anime and stuff, it might be worth checking out if you're a fan of the series or spinoffs.

The game also does have a lot of solo content involving a fully-voiced story mode shown in the second half of my gameplay video above. The 2nd-day login bonus gave me a free playable Misaka character also known as the Railgun chick. You can still probably sneak your way in the beta, but the slots might be limited. You can wait for the next test or check out other CN apps like Taptap and stuff.

Game Site: http://bilibili.163.com/