Ascent Infinite Realm 1st Closed Beta Recruitment Begins for the Korean Version

air cbt

Bluehole started recruiting testers for the Korean version of A:IR (Ascent: Infinite Realm) today. The site doesn't mention how many people they're going to accept in the 1st CBT, but there is an event where you can sign-up as a group! The 1st beta is scheduled to start early next month on December 13th, time to go poke your Korean friends to sign-up as a party.

All five playable characters which are Gunner, Warlord, Sorceress, Assassin, and Mystic will be available during the 1st CBT. Players can also test and play around with the numerous airship vehicles and mechs for the RvR battlefield called Dragon's Canyon. Totally looking forward to the large-scale PvP and I hope the FPS doesn't explode in 2k resolution for me like in the trailer. To be fair, they did record the game in 4K resolution, so that might have been why the FPS was crazy.

AIR 1st CBT - Recruiting Phase
November 13th ~ December 10th

AIR 1st CBT - Testing Phase
December 13th ~ December 17th

air mech

air port

air raid

air raids

air ship

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