The Day Online a Futuristic Sci-Fi TPS MOBA in Closed Beta


Searching for random PC games, I stumbled upon a new futuristic sci-fi TPS game called The Day Online developed by Reloaded Studios! I spent most of last night testing the game out so there wasn't much news. The day has a lot of playable characters to choose from along with various playable roles as seen in my preview below. 

The beta should still be open to those who can create an account, even late joiners, so if you have a Korean friend, perhaps they can help you get in or join the ongoing Closed Beta. No details upon when the test will actually end. There is also a discord link in front of the official page, perhaps someone there might be able to ninja you inside the test servers.

I was only able to make a gameplay video of the Resource mode, I'll try out Survival Deathmatch tonight if there are games for it. Each character had two different sets of skills and you can swap between them using right-click on your mouse. The game felt fast-paced and some of the skills actually sent my character flying far away. I still need to get used to the mechanics and controls! The servers are only available from 3:00 PM ~ 3:00 AM KST. Once you get in the game, you can join custom matches by press the "J" key. I actually didn't know that until some nice Korean told me to press it, lol. Anyhow, just a short write up on this game. I'll share more of my experiences later and perhaps more gameplay videos!?

the day1

the day2

the day3

the day4

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