GunZ 2 VIP Test

mainNormally I wouldn't post news on an upcoming VIP test that is only 4 hours long but I know there are some die hard GunZ holic players out there who want to get their hands on this game very badly. With that said, Netmarble Korea is now recruiting players for an upcoming VIP test for GunZ 2 Online. They want players to test out their new content before they proceed with the 2nd Closed Beta of the game. If you happen to be selected as a VIP tester, then you will automatically qualify for the 2nd CBT of GunZ 2.

GunZ 2 Closed Beta Test 1 Video FFA

GunZ 2 Team Death Match CBT1

VIP Recruiting

October 29, 2012 ~ November 02, 2012

VIP Testing Phase

November 04, 2012
Servers will be up for 4 hours ONLY
The servers will go live on 2:00 PM and will

shutdown on 6:00 PM
Dates and Times

are in Korean Format CONVERT TO YOUR TIME.

Game Publisher: Netmarble Korea
Game Site: