Terra Battle Now Available for PC in Various Languages


AndApp just added Terra Battle to their library and players can now download and play the game on their PC! I just finished testing it out and it works just fine without any IP blocks. I was able to play the game in English! However, the website itself is in Japanese, but with enough clicking around, I'm sure you'll figure it out. I used to play this game a lot before I lost my data >_< ended up loving it like I did with PAD. Lastly, you can LINK your game DATA from Mobile to PC! Hooray... now if I only had mine XD. Ninja added some PC screenies below.

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Valkyrie Connect Global Version Gets Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works Event

valk fate main

Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works is now in the Global Version of Valkyrie Connect for a limited time. I know there are a lot of Fate fans out there so I'm doing a quickie news article on it just incase you want to collect your favorite characters. They just opened another new dungeon today where players can collect enough souls to unlock Rin Tohsaka. Anyhow, happy soul hunting if you do decide to play! Fate is everywhere lately, lol.

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SINoALICE Gameplay System Revealed


Square Enix just released the gameplay and system trailer for SINoALICE showing off game graphics and features. The game offers real-time battles, cross story system, weapon story, and job story. It also looks like there is an auto-play button on the bottom so you can be lazy, lol. The combat system doesn't look anything new, it reminds me Logres or the latest Bravely mobile game where you have multiple weapons equipped. Players will be able to level up their weapons and unlock special stories similar to Drakengard. I'll test the game out once it becomes available and see if it's worth recommending to others. 

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Phantasy Star Online 2 SEA Ending Service Next Month

pso2 rip

The SEA version of Phantasy Star Online 2 is going to be closing doors late next month on May 26th, 2017. Kind of sad to see an English PC game go, but at least the Japanese version is still going strong with constant events and episode updates. Playpark is going to be giving away free premium 60 days for all accounts and other goodies. You can check out the official announcement below or the site

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Full Metal Alchemist X Knights of Chronicles Collaboration Event

fma main2

The Full Metal Alchemist event just started in Netmarble Japan's Knights Chronicle and players can collect and play as Edward, Alphonse, Roy, Riza, and Lust. Players who start a fresh account will be able to roll the new FMA Gacha right away and obtain an event character. I actually made a new account just to roll and try out the new characters. They added a button to skip the tutorial so rerolling should be a tiny bit faster now.

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Guardians of Fantasy Tale of Lost City English Version

guardians of savior main

Do you remember that Tree of Savior Online clone from China awhile back? Apparently, there is an English version of the game that I didn't know about! For some reason, they keep changing or renaming the game. I'm probably going to skip out on trying this version since I already tested the Korean version that came out for like a month and died right away due to issues. The Korean publishers totally went out of their way and did some crazy advertising for the game too.

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Another Eden Time Travel JRPG Releases Next Week

another eden main

Wright Flyer Studio's upcoming time travel smartphone JRPG Another Eden comes out next week on April 12th! I usually don't write about single player stuff, but after testing the beta for a bit I decided it was worth sharing. The Chrono Trigger story writer also worked on this title so it's got my interest since CT and FF6 was the main reason I fell in love with RPG's while growing up.

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Skipped the Korean Moonlight Blade Test

moonlight random

I managed to get in the Korean version of Moonlight Blade last week, but I didn't really spend much time in the game since it didn't have any of the new stuff. It didn't even have Korean dubs that I was looking forward to hearing or the new female character shown below. At least they're working on it as seen in the sample dub video below. I only tested the KR version for a couple of hours and decided to wait for the next test since I recently hit level 80 in the Chinese version.

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The War of Genesis 4 Shutting Down Next Month


The War of Genesis 4 is shutting down next month on May 1st. A little bit sad to see the game go, but I suppose it's about time since PC games ain't so hot in South Korea. Also the fact that I couldn't help but feel that the game might have been better off if it was released for the mobile the device due system mechanics. RIP, you will be missed! I've posted some old school adventures below if you need a refresher.

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