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g2The leader of the GunZ 2 Steam Group who goes by the handle Dreadful recently had a chance to interview a member of the GunZ 2 North America team. The lengthy interview provides a lot of new details such as the Bounty System, Character Customization, Skills, and more. Guntrix, the person being interviewed also mention that players who join the GunZ 2 Steam Group gets first priority access to the upcoming beta, so go on ahead and jump right it on the fun! GunZ 2 is closing in on being Greenlit, so if you're looking to try out a new kind of FPS game then I suggest that you go on ahead and boost up their vote by checking out the GunZ 2 Steam Greenlight Page. Every little vote counts!

(1). People are saying the games going to be released worldwide in June is this true?

(A). MAIET Games: I've never posted or heard anything like that.
MAIET Games: that must be just a rumor
MAIET Games: although I wish that was true :)

(2). How will the bounty system work?

(A). MAIET Games: bounty will be replaced with Gold. and it basically works the same way. you play a game, you get gold reward.
MAIET Games: you spend gold to purchase items.

(3). How will character customization work?

(A). MAIET Games: well, all costume item features will pretty much work the same way as before
MAIET Games: except that
MAIET Games: we added accessory and avatar system.
MAIET Games: they're both vanity item features.
MAIET Games: each costume set will have chest, legs, gloves, and boots as 1 set. players can mix and match each piece to create a unique look.
MAIET Games: this is the same mechanic that we kept

(4). Can you tell us more about Optimites?

(A). MAIET Games: Optimite Gears are basically attachment parts that enhances character's stat.
MAIET Games: that's some how associated with crafting system, which I can't tell you with details just yet.
MAIET Games: and I know you're gonna ask this, but no optimite gears are not prem items.

(5). Okay so does every character class have differn't ablilities, hp & style?

(A). MAIET Games: yes.
MAIET Games: each class is unique from each other.

(6). When the game releases will there be a decent amount of gold items we can choose to buy?

(A). MAIET Games: yes, the first batch of items will give you enough to start off.

(7). Is the Level - up system the same as the previous gunz?

(A). Yes, the level system works the same as gunz 1.

(8). Will the level cap be 99?

(A). MAIET Games: no it's going to be much lower than that at the beginning.

(9). Will differn't maps have its own unique play style?

(A). MAIET Games: yes. each map will have unique play style and players will need to use strategies unique to each map.

(10). What class do you perfer & other staff members enjoy & why?

(A). MAIET Games: and I don't know about others but I like shield troopers because I like to tank in general.

(11). Alright so what would you say is the easiest class?

(A). MAIET Games: ah...that's a very hard question actually. they're just...very really depends on what play style you like or are used to.

(12). Does the game have taunt/ laugh /cry

(A). MAIET Games: nope. not yet.
MAIET Games: those are something we plan to add when core mechanics are set in stone

(13). Creating a clan in gunz 2 still needs 4 members?

(A). MAIET Games: ooh...I thought I knew our game, but I don't know that much detail haha.
MAIET Games: but it's going to be something similar to that.

(14). Do you guys plan on adding new classes?

(A). MAIET Games: :)
MAIET Games: of course.
MAIET Games: can't share detailed dev roadmap but new class is definitely something that we want to keep adding on regular basis

(15). Okay & will buying items have expiration dates on them or?

(A). MAIET Games: that's something we are still discussing internally. we have basic ideas about what we're going to do, but it's not fixed yet.

(16). Okay So Crafting system I know you said you can't go into to much detail but when will we see this feature in the game, later on or right at the release?

(A). MAIET Games: it will be available at the release.

(17). Are you guys planning to have beta testing for Steam?

(A). MAIET Games: I'm sure we will have to run a few beta testing first.
MAIET Games: it was tested in korea before, but NA/SA is totally different market.
MAIET Games: I'll make sure to give beta invites to members of GunZ 2 group members first. As much as possible.

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