ArcheAge Free To Play

archeThe Korean version of ArcheAge Online will be transitioning into a free to play service starting next month. Now you're probably wondering what is the catch right? The catch is kind of tricky and may not be that big especially for players that just grind and level up all day, the F2P conversion for them should be like the best thing ever. But if you're the type of person that wants to actually play the game for the its' unique features, then you're most likely would want to subscribe to the game. Why is that? Because if you are not subscribe to the game your stamina/labor points will not regenerate and that castle won't build itself! More details below.

Arche Life Package - 30 or 90 Days
-Labor/Stamina Points Recharges every 5 minutes.
-Can build house, scarecrow.
-Earn extra reputation points
-An exchangeable ticket for items in Trade Market.

Without Labor/Stamina
-Can't complete collecting/gathering quests.
-Can't make houses/ships.
-Can't craft or focus on any trade skills.
-Can't mine, gather, or harvest and etc.
-Can't farm or help players build structures.
-Probably more features but I can't remember. (='-')/")

Developer: XLGAMES
Game Publisher: Trion Worlds | XLGAMES
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