NAT Games recruiting for next Blockbuster MMORPG

natPark Yonghyeon, the developer of Lineage 2 and Tera Online started a new company called NAT Games. They are hoping to create the next Blockbuster MMORPG title and recently opened up a temporary webpage to recruit staff members. NAT Games previously known as LADA Studio's was one of the well known game studios that was supposed to work on the next MMORPG title for Netmarble Korea. Due to a dispute with Netmarble Korea, LADA Studio's was dismissed from the company. The main reason was that Netmarble Korea wanted to focus on the Mobile Market instead, Now that we have two big secret titles currently in development one by Bluehole Studio which is led by Tera Ex Producer Hwang Cheolung and this upcoming mystery title which is led by Park Yonghyeon. I wonder which one will be better!!?


I wish I can put a much more interesting picture but this company is at their first and early development phase or starting stages so they have nothing yet. I was thinking they might work on Lineage 3 but I think that is licensed by PlayNC? No idea, who knows if you can read some Korean time to join the team!?

Application Page:
Temporary Recruit Site: