Blade & Soul Swimsuit Details

bnsThe Korean version of Blade & Soul released new Swimsuit outfits for a limited time. There are two ways to obtain the outfit, one is by paying through the cash shop via 45$ and the other is by farming a lot of daily dungeons in the game. Clearing one dungeon will yield a player a slice of watermelon which can then be used to trade in for an outfit in the game. Though there is a slight problem with this event because the new outfits are not tradable, even if purchase via cash shop. Find out more details below along with a set of sexy videos and screenshots.

As I have previously stated in the paragraph before this one, players can only accumulate a certain amount of slices of watermelons a day. By the end of the event date, if they aren't playing hardcore enough, they may not have enough watermelons to complete a whole set, which may result players into purchasing the cash shop version instead. Personally, if I really wanted this set, I would have just purchase the cash shop package mainly because of the troublesome process of completing daily dungeons everyday. Players can also earn more slices of watermelons by playing at PC Bang's known as a PC Cafe with a whole bunch of computers. The longer they play, the more they get.