Bless Online City Architecture Update

mbNeowiz Bless Studio updated their website today featuring new city architectures for Bless Online. The teaser page also goes through a little bit of detail about the lore of the citizens and race that resides in this side of the continent! Some of the city models are inspired by very popular areas in real life such as the beautiful city in Italy called Venice. You guys can view some of the new screenshot below or directly at the main website located here. I suggest checking it out with Google Chrome because it will auto-translate some of the content, for the curious ones. Game is looking beautiful as always, I am loving the design and the big world the only thing missing would be some real time day, night, and extra weather effects.

brige 02 12

brige 02 11

brige 02 25

brige 02 14

brige 02 16

brige 02 13 RESIZED

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Developer: Neowiz Bless Studio
Publisher: Neowiz | Pmang Gaming Hub
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