ArcheAge Patch Notes Kraken

main2There are a lot of cool new things released in the latest ArcheAge Online CBT4 patch released today, I decided to share some the information with you guys. Some of the big changes are the introduction of sea monsters (legendary Kraken?), changes in akium crafting and breaking, free skill reset (temporary), guild housing, arena point system, and many more. This is one of my favorite patches as of yet, check out the full detailed patch notes below, 

Monster PvE Content Related

In some parts of the ocean new monsters have been added and a legendary monster has been spotted roaming about!

Land / Housing / Guild Related

You can now build houses in the Northern Continent if your guild has successfully claimed a piece of land.

The guild master who owns that land can remove anything he/she doesn't like in their territory.

Event Related

Free Skill reset and Upgrading Skills (temporary).

Skill Related

Four new skills for 야성, 마법, 철벽 and modified some skills of 야성, 마법, 낭만.

Mage nerf, community has been raging.

Quest Related

Four new quests Mahadebi the port near the HariHaran far west side of the map.

Alliance Related

New alliance settings window you can now hide or show the alliance window and made it much more simpler.

The Arena

Killing players now grants you five points instead of three.

Adjusted the reputation points when you win.

Level 15~19: 20 points
Level 20~24: 25 points
Level 25~29: 30 points
Level 30~34: 35 points
Level 35~50: 40 points

Item and Crafting

New cannons have been added from normal NPC's and Reputation NPC's.

Bows now have higher attack damage.

New raise scroll in the shop.

Akium Related

Combining 5 powders turns into 1 crystal.
Combining 5 crystals turns into 1 cube.
Combining 3 cubes turns into 1 essence.

Desynthing 1 essence turns into 2 cubes.
Desynthing 1 cube turns into 4 crystals.
Desynthing 1 crystal turns into 4 powders.

Crime Related

The expiration time to loot someones blood after killing them has changed.

When you steal someones elses animal, wood, items, and etc. A small chance that your footprint is left on the ground. If someone loots that footprint and and turn it in, then your crime points will go up.

If you successfully steal the item, then your theft skill will go up. Just like all your other life skills in this game you level up your stealing skills.

UI Related

Cooler character information window

You can see your party members name and when you highlight them on the map.

When you die, a text will pop up in your party saying you got owned.

Changed the button to mount your horse from F>G. Mounting other peoples horse is now H.

You can dispel your buff with right mouse button.

You can link your items on all the chat channels.

Ship Related

Increased the total amount of HP for cannons.

Better Armor for Speed Boat and Ferry.

Changed the name of Pirate Ship into Growling Galleon

Increased movement speed of the Growling Galleon

Community Related

You can now block other players from spamming you.

/ckeks ID : Ignore command
/ckeksgowp ID : Unblocks
/ckeks : Lists blocked players


You can now hide your helmet. (THE BEST THING EVER)

You can now disable your double jump flying key.

Developer: XLgames
Game Publisher: XLgames
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