ArcheAge Online Open Beta

mainXLGAMES just announced the Open Beta date for the most anticipated upcoming semi-sandbox open world MMORPG called ArcheAge Online. The media day conference just ended earlier today and a lot of people are curious about the status of the game. In fact, the word "ArcheAge" is currently ranked in first place as the most searched word on the Korean Google search engine called Naver. This game has been in development for at least six years now and I am excited that they have finally released the Open Beta schedule. Having personally tested this title out myself in the past, I will definitely be participating in the Open Beta that kicks off early next year on January 2nd, 2013!

ArcheAge CG Trailer

ArcheAge 5th CBT Trailer

Open Beta Schedule

Client Download
December 17th, 2012

Character Creation
December 19th ~ December 30th 2012

Open Beta Service
January 2nd, 2013

My Gameplay Clips

ArcheAge The Kraken World Boss

Nightmare World Boss

Housing Area by Created by Players

ArcheAge CBT Compilation Experience

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