ArcheAge Online Kicks Off

mainThe ArcheAge Online Open Beta kicks off today with a brand new beautiful CG introduction trailer that I recorded in 1080p. The video mainly shows off the Nuian goddess summoning a gigantic portal and sacrificing herself to save her people. ArcheAge is a very popular upcoming MMORPG with over 250,000 characters made during the pre-char creation phase. Just a little tip, if you are planning on playing this game. It is better to pick a server with a lot of people because from my personal experience this game is best played with a big community due to the siege warfare and sandbox features. I will be playing on the second server called 오키드나 though I am not sure if I will have the time to hardcore this game, probably just casually play it. Anyway, check out the awesome trailer right after the cut!

Introduction Trailer

Developer: XLGAMES
Game Publisher: XLGAMES
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