Eclipse of Eden Open Beta

mainEclipse of Eden (JP) also known as Lune of Eden (KR) will be going into a week long Open Beta test starting on January 10th. This is the perfect opportunity for you guys to test out this non-targeting action combat MMORPG! I've actually tried out this title myself and did a mini Lune of Eden Preview but it wasn't my type of game, perhaps you will have better luck with it. Their website also offers an Open ID registration using a Japanese Yahoo account, so if you happen to have one of those, registering should be easy. Other than that registering is very simple mainly because it doesn't even have a Japanese captcha!

Eclipse of Eden Character Creation

Eclipse of Eden First Look Preview

Limited Open Beta Test

January 10th, 2013 ~ January 16th, 2013

Developer: Eden Entertainment
Publisher: Gamers 1
Game Site: