Continent of the Ninth Open Beta

c9mainVery good news to all the foreign gamers out there, your wait is finally over (kind of haha)!  After two successful Closed Beta Tests Continent of the Ninth Open Beta will start on August 15, 2009.  Those of you who did the Hidden World mini flash event that I mention a month ago will get a lot of goodies when Open Beta comes out.  A lot of new content will be added upon Open Beta release like the female character that you have seen in trailer videos.

C9 Power Trailer


Some C9 NPC's!

Upon Open Beta release PvP system will be implemented along with Guild Housing system and many more.  A full schedule with content release will be out in the coming months so keep an eye out here or on their main website.

Developer: NHN / Hangame
Game Publisher: Hangame NHN
Game Site: