Trinity Online Open Beta

trinityTrinity Online Pre-Open Beta had just ended last week and Open Beta is about to start on June 23, 2009 in Korea.  Which will be later on tonight, for those of you who are living in the state .  Would probably be a good idea to set your client on download before you sleep or just download it the next day.  Trinity Online is a 3D Side-scrolling Action RPG that takes the game to the next level.  Old school 2D SARPG players may find themselves migrating to this type of game since my friend Zephna who kindly provided the gameplay videos below says this game is better than all the 2D SARPG she has played before.

Zephna's Trinity Gameplay - Orc Boss

Zephna's Trinity Gameplay - Full Party

Zephna's Trinity Gameplay - PvP Tournament Mode

Game Publisher: Goorm Interactive
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