Kavatina Story Online Open Beta

mainKavatina Story Online Open Beta date has been finally released.  The Korean version will be available for open public service on July 16, 2009.  If you are looking for a 3D side-scrolling game or previously loved Maple Story then this game is made just for you.  There are three playable characters which are Fighter, Ghost, and Psychic.  A lot of players may not like the fact that there are only three classes but let's hope that they will release more in the future.  Kavatina Story is a game you must try if you have  Nexon Korea account but not a game to try if it's out of your way.

Latest Kavatina Story Trailer

Kavatina Story Early Closed Beta Preview
Keep in mind the game has changed a lot since CBT1

Open Beta July 16, 2009

Developer: Wizet
Game Publisher: Nexon Korea
Game Site: http://kavatina.nexon.com/