Cabal 2 Open Beta

mainESTsoft just announced their Pre and Open Beta beta dates for their upcoming MMORPG called Cabal 2 Online. The Open Beta is scheduled to start sometime mid next week on November 14th and as for the Pre Open Beta Test, it will kick off as early as the 12th of November. With the OBT just around the corner, ESTsoft also released a brand new teaser of the game that shows off some of the playable classes in the game. Depending on how much free time I have next week, I will definitely be writing up a review or preview of Cabal 2 Online. Until then, hope to see some of you guys in the world of Cabal 2!

Cabal 2 Site!

Cabal 2 Open Beta Teaser

Pre Open Beta

November 12, 2012

Open Beta Test

November 14, 2012

Developer: ESTsoft
Publisher: ESTsoft
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