Valkyrie Sky Global Open Beta

VSMainGame&Game will have Open Beta tests for Valkyrie Sky for two days today.  Clients should be available for download right from their main site but it seems it is getting hammered down and access to the main webpage is unavailable.  Don't miss your chance to try out Valkyrie Sky since the Korean version is now saying they are unsure when their Open Beta will be released!


Gameplay Video

If you want to check out more information including a full review check out the related links below!  I know a lot of people have been wanting to try this out so I thought I would post this.

Game Client Download: February 09, 2009 - February 08, 2009 USA
Game Test Dates: February 10-12, 2009 - February 09-11, 2009 USA

Hurry and Sign up!

Steparu Notes:  Anyway just letting you guys know this is foreign news still since it's a "Global" game oo-hohoho!  Hope you to see you guys in the two day beta test but I might not be able to play it good since I am at work all week and the internet here is worst than 56k.

Global Site:
Publisher: Game & Game
Developer: Yolim Communications