Black Desert Online Open Beta on December 17th


The official Open Beta for Korean version of Black Desert Online is scheduled to go live on December 17th. The Korean version of Black Desert Online will be Free To Play with Cash Shop system. I've listed the upcoming schedule below along with early character creation and download information.

Above you will find the new trailer showing off character creation and Black Desert's fast-paced action combat! It looks like no new classes playable during the OBT and the chances of that happening looks slim with the new trailer above showing the basic four. I believe the new characters will be available next year as new areas are unlocked. Open Beta will be limited to the areas in the previous test and new areas will unlock during the 1st Quarter of 2015 and another area during the 3rd Quarter of 2015.

Black Desert Pre-Download
December 10th

Black Desert Early Character Creation (Thank Goodness!)
December 12th to 15th

Black Desert Online Open Beta~!
December 17th

New Content and Changes
-Added New NPC Gestures and Voices
-New Starting Village Olbia
-New Area Mediah the Trade Nation
-PVP is now LEVEL 50
-Trade System Changes
-Some Fishing Stuff
-Gathering time decreased
-Death penalties decreased (?)
-Guild System Changes
-Changes in Knowledge System
-New Achievements and Titles
-Adventure Log or Player Journal
-Channels System (If there are too many players.)


Developer: PearlAbyss
Publisher: Daum
Game Site: