Star Ocean: Anamnesis Goes Live with Bountiful Rewards


Star Ocean: Anamnesis just went live today for the mobile device and I do recommend trying the game out right away due to the special release rewards. Just how good are the rewards? You get 13,000 crystals right after the tutorial which means you can roll the character Gacha 20 times and the weapon Gacha 10 times. Oh, it doesn't stop there you also get 1x 5 Star Character and 5 Star Weapon ticket. I know they're going to add better characters and weapons in the future, but you can literally start the game with a full team of 5 Stars if you're up for the reroll frenzy. If you've never played a mobile game, you're probably like "Wtf is Steparu talking about!?" lol. 

The story, menu, and UI isn't that great compared to Mobius Final Fantasy since it isn't animated and stuff. If you're looking for a game with decent gameplay and real-time multiplayer go ahead and download it. The bonuses alone is worth collecting, you can just save them for the future Gacha if you don't like the current sausage fest Gacha. If you don't have a JP Google Play account, you can download the game through QooApp or Apkpure.

Reroll Ranking: Link
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