God Eater Online Launches In Japan

choco sword god eater

God Eater Online just launched in Japan and is now available for download on the Android device while the iOS version is slightly delayed will become available as soon as Apple verifies and check the game. Whoa, I somehow managed to guess the release date correctly when I wrote about the game coming out around Valentine's day XD! The game is super huge so prepare for a download. I've posted both new release and beta version gameplay videos below.

Let's see, you can collect your free swag in your mailbox using just open the mail and press the right button twice. You can equip various starter weapons or the chocolate sword! They also gave away some weird looking outfit that reminds me of Casshern. Make sure you eat every monster to level up fast and pick up the glowing objects found on the field to craft better weapons later. Happy Grinding!

Game Site: http://geo.godeater.jp/