A Quick Test Drive of Transformers Online Open Beta

tfonline main

Transformers Online Open Beta started last week and I've finally made some time to try the game out earlier today. I've been trying to get into the betas for this game for awhile now, but I kept failing. Now that I've finally gotten to try it out, I felt like the game didn't suit my playstyle as much. I did like some of the features like turning into vehicles and special skills for each character. Most of the maps felt rather small which led to some players camping spawn points, especially when you're up against bots.

I spent five hours testing the game and I must say that it's really clunky or perhaps it's my 200+ ping that makes it look strange. The game was fun for a couple of hours, but kind of unplayable with my ping, so I just went around melee'ing people most of the time. The game also installed a random TGP ping booster that didn't really help much and felt like extra bloatware. Anyway, probably a good game to try out if you're big Transformers fan, there are a lot of bots from both sides XD. If you're not, probably best to pass it up unless you can play with nice ping and don't mind installing other stuff with the game.

Game Site: http://tfol.qq.com/