God Slayer Online CryEngine3 Action MMORPG New Environment Teaser

god slayer online

Changyou just released a new trailer earlier today for their upcoming CryEngine3 Action MMORPG God Slayer Online. The game has gone through various drastic changes over the past few years that I decided to refrain from posting my older gameplay videos. I believe they're somewhat outdated and is no longer an accurate representation of the game. I'll try to sneak in the next test and get you guys an updated footage!

You can sign-up for the upcoming no-wipe Closed Beta or is it an Open Beta?! I always get confused with the no-wipe tests and random activation key system. You'll require a valid a phone number to sign-up for the upcoming test. I'm getting errors when trying to use a Foreigner phone number, perhaps you'll have more luck or you have a random friend to carry you with the reservation!

gs online

gs online2

gs online3

gs online4

gs online5

Trailer Source: MMOJack
Game Site: http://mh.changyou.com/