Anime MMORPG Caravan Stories Launches Tomorrow in Japan

caravan main

AIMING's cross-platform Anime MMORPG Caravan Stories comes out on the 28th, which is tomorrow in Japan! Would I recommend it? Yeah, the game is definitely worth trying out, just for the unique and cutesy graphics. The language barrier won't be much of a problem since it's a mobile'ish game that offers auto helper stuff. Never heard of this game? No problem, check out all the teasers below!

I couldn't find any info in regards to the PC version, so this release "might" be for the mobile device! The game seemed like a fairly casual Anime MMORPG when I tested it. I don't want to sound like a broken record, but if you're just tuning in. Caravan Stories is an open-world MMORPG where you can run into other players on the field. You can team up with others, even if you're not partied with them. Just aggro the same monster that they aggroed. It's also a hero-collection game where you can earn characters from both Story and Gacha. Lastly, you can customize your own character have more than one Main Character after reaching a certain point in the story. For example, I started the game as Human and named my main character Steparu. Once you reach a certain checkpoint in the story, it will ask if you want to try out the other races. I then select Orc, customize their look and name it Stepara! All of the races have their own unique starting story and free NPC characters. Block text attack, END!

There aren't a whole lot of Anime'ish MMORPG's coming out for PC and Mobile other than Alchemia Story, Atelier Online, and Caravan Stories. They're all supposedly coming out this month or in December. Atelier Online probably isn't a full-pledge MMORPG like Caravan or Alchemia though since these two have an open-world system.

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