Infinite Stratos: Archetype Breaker PC Open Beta is Now Live

infinite stratos

Open Beta has begun for the PC version of Infinite Stratos: Archetype Breaker. The mobile version will be released at a later date. Might be worth checking out if you're a fan of the Anime or want to simply interact with your favorite IS characters. From what I've seen, it looks like Super Robot Wars meets Infinite Stratos. The animations look kind of cringey, you can check out the 60FPS gameplay video below from Nobusi. There are a lot of other titles coming out this week, so I'm gonna have to pass up on this one.

I'm not really sure how DMM works since you can play some of their games without an IP block, while some are. Certain reports mention that you only need to add the game to your library, after that you can play the game without a Japanese IP. My DMM experience is very little and I only played two games there which was Alchemist Code JP and the dead Breath of Fire 6. Both not needing an active Japanese IP or VPN to play!

Gameplay Source: Link
Game Site: Link