Wild Buster Heroes of Titan Early Access Begins on December 14th

wild buster visual

The English Version of the Science Fiction MMORPG Wild Buster: Heroes of Titan is going to be jumping into Steam Early Access starting next month on December 14th! With over 24 planned heroes to choose from, you'll most likely find a class that fits your playstyle or perhaps a cameo character would suit your taste better such as Serious Sam or Duke Nukem!? The game also features over 500 questions, 20 unique dungeons, raid instances, group PvP, PvP zones, and more.

Anyhow, just a quickie post for those interested in trying out something different and new next month. There is a Cyber Monday deal going on that you can check out via Indiegogo or steam page news. I'm gonna take a quick peek at the English version myself next month, so I'll be seeing you guys around during early access! Meanwhile, you can check out their latest feature trailers in the article~!

Game Site: http://www.wildbuster.net/
Steam Page: Link