Tera M Grand Opening Relive the Experience on the Go

teraM new main

Tera M just went live a few hours ago and I'm currently playing it, I mean auto-playing it while writing this notification post! Tera was one of the few Korean MMORPG's that got me into playing Korean games, so I definitely had to check out Netmarble's Mobile version. I made a couple gameplay videos below revealing the playable characters and the starting gameplay for everyone's beloved Elin.

I actually recorded and played this game on my PC using Bluestacks3 since it's easier to record mobile games there along with Nvidia Shadowplay. I was surprised at how the game runs at 60FPS! I'm still trying to get into the game and slowly trying to progress. It seems like you can level up multiple characters under the same name. There is also an equipment Gacha which kind of makes me feel wary about the title. I don't really need another L2R grind/chore game, which I'm still currently playing btw in the USA Aden 01 server. I'll let you guys know if I end up liking the mobile version.

Game Site: http://tera.netmarble.com