MMOJRPG Alchemia Story Launches in Japan Tomorrow

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Asobimo is releasing their new mobile MMOJRPG Alchemia Story which features real-time active turn-based combat where players manually use skills, guard, block, cast spells, and more! Players are also able to simultaneously perform special team attacks with their NPC or other players in combat as long as they activate skills that synergize with each other with perfect timing.

Asobimo is well-known for creating popular mobile MMORPG's and you may have already played some of them in English! Alchemia Story has one of the best-detailed mobile character customization system that is almost on par with Phantasy Star Online 2. In addition, players will also get their own customizable waifu or husbendo companion that will follow them around at all times to assist them in combat.

Get ready to explore a new Anime MMORPG! The game uses a helper system that's widely-popular in Japanese games. Out in the open areas of the game, you'll stumble upon various mobs running about. Once you aggro that mob, you'll be taken to the battle screen. From there, both you and your NPC partner can take it down duo or another player can assist you in combat by aggroing that same monster.

I'm sure a lot of you guys may have already forgotten about this game as there is little to no exposure from Japanese media sites. I'm a bit worried about the release because it doesn't seem like the game has made any progress from last year. Lacking in trailers, teasers, updates, etc. Me? Yeah, I'll try the game out since I've been waiting for this game to be released for the longest time. I actually thought that this game was gonna come before Caravan Stories.

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