Sword Art Online Integral Factor MMORPG Grand Opening

sao integral factor main

The Sword Art Online Integral Factor MMORPG is now available for download on your mobile devices. I actually tested this out back in October and made a couple gameplay videos below. It's pretty much a mobile MMORPG where you can fully customize your own character. You meet up in the game with the original SAO cast and a new partner named Koharu. Certain events are modified in this version and are different from the Anime!

I'm gonna skip out on testing the live release since I've already had my fill during the beta. You can get a good idea of the starting gameplay from the video above that took me 3-4 hours to record and edited down to a viewable 30-minutes. After creating your character, you can obtain skill cards in forms of characters in the Anime. Equipping these lets you use that Anime characters skill! You also need to equip the proper weapon for each one. The combat felt fast, but it didn't really feel like an Action RPG since certain monsters and bosses locked on to you. 

SAOIF is an MMORPG and you will find other players out on the open zones of the game. You can pick up quests from SAO NPC's and board quests. Random dungeon adventures, party boss hunting, and more. I'm not sure if they nerfed the Axe, but if you watch my long preview, you'll see that you can power level with it fairly fast. Oh yeah, you gotta hunt monsters and bosses to craft weapons. You definitely need to craft weapon and armor as they play a huge difference if you want to level up fast or survived boss battles. You also need to level up that weapon by feeding it EXP fodder. Happy Grinding!

Game Site: http://sao-if.bn-ent.net