Twilight Spirits Action MORPG Open Beta This Month

twilight main

Netease's Action MORPG Twilight Spirits is going to launch Open Beta near the end of this month on June 29th. A super early announcement, but it should give players a lot of time to free up their schedule and get their hands on an account or create one for free by checking out guides on via Google power! Definitely going to try the game out again to check out the new improvements and try out the magician girl. I've posted the latest trailer along with some older beta footages of my adventures as Blade Master and Assassin.

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Classic MMORPG Record of Lodoss War Online English Version Grand Opening

lodoss war main

The English version of the classic old school themed MMORPG Record of the Lodoss War Online just went live today. I haven't played this game since like... I can't even remember so I went ahead and tested the game out for a couple of hours. The game feels super old like those browser games that people made a few years back, except this one has a standalone client. Definitely not a game for everyone due to how ancient the game looks, lol. I've posted the official trailer along with my new gameplay adventure below.

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MU Legend Korean Open Beta Begins on March 23rd

mulegend main

The Korean version of MU Legend launches in South Korea later this month starting on March 23rd. Webzen recently released a handful of new trailers showcasing the playable characters and the full CG version trailer below. They also launched a brand new website that you can check out here. I'm sure most of you have already tried the game out in English so no need to explain much!

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God Eater Online Launches In Japan

choco sword god eater

God Eater Online just launched in Japan and is now available for download on the Android device while the iOS version is slightly delayed will become available as soon as Apple verifies and check the game. Whoa, I somehow managed to guess the release date correctly when I wrote about the game coming out around Valentine's day XD! The game is super huge so prepare for a download. I've posted both new release and beta version gameplay videos below.

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Fairy Tale Busters Open Beta Kawaii Anime TPS

merubasu fps waifu edition

Marchen Busters also known as Fairy Tale Busters just launched Open Beta in Japan. Having no new Eastern PC game to test this month, I decided to try the new kawaii Anime third person shooter. The game is pretty amusing so far, especially the awkward death animations. Just some random game to play to kill time and for laughs, the game feels like it's missing some stuff like voices. I haven't tried the PvE content yet, but I think you can farm gold there to buy outfits and guns for your character? Have a look at PvP gameplay below.

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Ragnarok Online Mobile MMORPG Pre-Open Beta

ro mobile new

Ragnarok Online was one of my favorite old school MMORPG's next to FFXI so I went ahead and tested the new mobile version of the game. The music and characters sure bring back a lot of memories! Gameplay wasn't all that confusing and totally playable without knowing Chinese. I'm sure there are a ton of Foreigners already trying out the game as it's one of the most anticipated mobile MMORPG around. You shouldn't worry about the language barrier too much and there are tons of guides already available if you happen to get stuck. That's all for now!

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