Lineage II: Revolution Launches Next Month on December 14th


Netmarble Korea's Unreal Engine 4 Lineage II: Revolution will be available for download starting next month on December 14th! They're planning on simultaneously launching the game for both the Android and iOS devices. Lineage II: Revolution received a lot of attention during the G-Star 2016 event last week. Here is to hoping that the game isn't delayed yet again after a few months of consecutive delays.

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Iron Sight Next Generation Military FPS Open Beta


Neowiz Korea just announced that they're going to launch a pre-release beta test for Iron Sight a Next Generation Military FPS game developed by Wiplegames. Users who are interested in trying out the game can start downloading their game client today and play next week on November 29th. Having previously tested the game out, Iron Sight gives off a Call of Duty vibe with a similar killstreak system. The matches go by very fast and the maps are fairly small so you're bound to kill or get killed easily. 

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God Eater Online Open Beta Gameplay


Bandai Namco Entertainment launched God Eater Online's Open Beta yesterday and there are a lot of people testing it! I spent a couple of hours messing around in the game myself. It took awhile to get used to all of the buttons on the mobile version. Why is it called God Eater Online? Because there are open fields in the game where random special bosses spawn from time to time including a super large world boss!

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Hyper Universe Pre-Open Beta and Open Beta Schedule Updated


Nexon Korea users can start playing Hyper Universe as early as next week during the Pre-Open Beta events. I wanted to make gameplay videos of the previous test, but there was an NDA due to the four new characters recently introduced! The game is really fun to play and I suggest trying it out. However, I experienced a 1-3 second key input delay playing outside of South Korea, which is a pretty big disadvantage. Nevertheless, it was a fun and worthwhile experience.

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Shadowverse Steam Version Now Available for Download


Shadowverse is finally playable on your PC via Steam starting today and with some minor tweaks, you'll be able to play the game with Japanese voice overs while retaining the English text! I highly recommend trying the game out if you haven't already, especially if you've enjoyed games similar to Hearthstone. You can't go wrong with a Waifu and Husbendo version of the game! Cygames also gives a lot of random freebies from time to time and you can non-stop farm Arena/Draft mode if you play very well.

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Destiny Child Now Available for Download Most Anticipated New CCG RPG


Shift Up and NextFloor just released Destiny Child today one of the most anticipated high-quality live2D narrative CCG RPG! I'm downloading the game right now while writing this, just wanted to give you guys a heads up since my old-school TCG/CCG followers have been looking for a new card game for quite awhile now. I used to be a crazy card game addict with Devil Maker Tokyo, Million Arthur, and all that stuff. I hope the game lives up to the hype and see you in the game!

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