Hyper Universe Pre-Open Beta and Open Beta Schedule Updated


Nexon Korea users can start playing Hyper Universe as early as next week during the Pre-Open Beta events. I wanted to make gameplay videos of the previous test, but there was an NDA due to the four new characters recently introduced! The game is really fun to play and I suggest trying it out. However, I experienced a 1-3 second key input delay playing outside of South Korea, which is a pretty big disadvantage. Nevertheless, it was a fun and worthwhile experience.

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Shadowverse Steam Version Now Available for Download


Shadowverse is finally playable on your PC via Steam starting today and with some minor tweaks, you'll be able to play the game with Japanese voice overs while retaining the English text! I highly recommend trying the game out if you haven't already, especially if you've enjoyed games similar to Hearthstone. You can't go wrong with a Waifu and Husbendo version of the game! Cygames also gives a lot of random freebies from time to time and you can non-stop farm Arena/Draft mode if you play very well.

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Destiny Child Now Available for Download Most Anticipated New CCG RPG


Shift Up and NextFloor just released Destiny Child today one of the most anticipated high-quality live2D narrative CCG RPG! I'm downloading the game right now while writing this, just wanted to give you guys a heads up since my old-school TCG/CCG followers have been looking for a new card game for quite awhile now. I used to be a crazy card game addict with Devil Maker Tokyo, Million Arthur, and all that stuff. I hope the game lives up to the hype and see you in the game!

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Hyper Universe Side-Scrolling Action MOBA Open Beta Next Month


The side-scrolling Action MOBA Hyper Universe Online is finally jumping into Open Beta next month starting on November 22nd. You should be all set for the upcoming Open Beta if you've played other Nexon Korea games. If you happen to have a Korean friend or cellphone, you can sign-up for the Pre-Registration events and stuff. Oops, I must be reading my dates wrong since I thought it was this week. One month away, the wait is going to kill me, pretty busy scheduled next month also!

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Lineage II: Revolution Closed Beta Cancelled Launch Scheduled for November


Unreal Engine 4 Mobile MMORPG Lineage II: Revolution's Closed Beta Test was supposed to start this month followed by the Open Beta Test. Unfortunately, it seems like both the CBT & OBT is cancelled this month. Instead, they're planning on simultaneously launching both the Android and iOS versions of Lineage II: Revolution next month in November. No specific date has been announced, but I do worry that it might conflict with the upcoming PC Lineage Eternal CBT also to commence in November, unless delayed yet again.

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Honkai Impact (崩坏3) Japanese Voices Implemented


Mihoyo's 崩坏3 Honkai Impact also known as Gun Girls Z 3 is now playable on both Android and iOS devices. The game has been receiving a lot of attention lately in the global gaming market due to the superb Anime eye-candy HD graphics. The developers recently added Japanese voices for all of the playable characters in the game, though a follower of mine mentions that it's the same voices from their previous title Gun Girls Z. I've updated the registration guide below just in case you find my gameplay video interesting~!

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