MU Legend Online Open Beta Planned For This Year


MU Legend is another PC title that I'm looking forward to testing again early next month. While everyone seems to be on the Lost Ark hype train this month, MU Legend is also worth keeping an eye on. In light of new information, it seems like Webzen Korea wants to launch Open Beta later this year. Although it's not set in stone, it's a very tight schedule considering the 2nd CBT starts next month.

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Seventh Dark Open Beta Kicks Off Today


Developed by X-Legend Entertainment, the Open Beta Service for Seventh Dark Online is going live tonight in Japan. The game wasn't that bad so I kept on testing it just a wee bit more and posted another gameplay video below showing off some PvE content with various weapons, dungeons, and a random... wtf Chocobo..!? What's that doing in this game, lol. As I stated in my previous quick preview, the game is IP blocked! Perhaps Aeria Games is planning on picking up this title in the future in addition to their wide variety of Anime MMORPGS.

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Lineage II: Revolution Unreal Engine 4 Version October Release and Global Version Next Year


Netmarble Korea's Unreal Engine 4 MMORPG Lineage II: Revolution just updated their official page with a new trailer, name reservation, pre-registration, and upcoming events. The game is scheduled to launch this October along with an early beta test scheduled sometime in September. The global version L2R is also expected to launch next year.

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HeroWarz Online Storms Into Open Beta English Version


The English version of HeroWarz Online just stormed into Open Beta and is playable right this very moment. Those that have been following this game know are well-aware that the CBT2 had just ended. Surprise, it's now ready for Open Beta! No complaints, here! Another game for you guys to test this week. The game will not have any data wipes from here on out, so feel free to level up to your hearts content.

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Shadowverse Open Beta on June 17th


Yes! It's almost time~! Shadowverse is finally coming out on June 17th, which is only a few days away. Cygames recently released a new trailer below showing off the new story mode, animated characters, new UI, and more. I slapped on both the NA and JP trailers together. If you're like me, you'd be interested in seeing both.

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Sudden Attack 2 Release Date Set for July 6th in South Korea


The Korean version of Sudden Attack 2 will go live early next month starting on July 6th. The game didn't lag that bad playing outside of South Korea and I had a lot of fun during the Closed Beta. It's pretty much like the original version of Sudden Attack with super HD maps, weapons, and more chicks. The game doesn't have any IP block, but the usual Nexon Korea cellphone stuff. Time to poke your Korean friends or something. I've posted some gameplay videos below if you're interested.

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